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Foods a Diabetic Should Stay Away From

The foods that you eat on a daily basis will ultimately determine the health level of your body. What you eat can eventually keep you alive or cause death.

The reason as to why foods can be so harmful is that certain types of food contain high sugar which your body does not have the insulin to break it down. That is how you end up with diabetes.

It is vitally important that you keep your sugar levels as normal as possible. If your sugar levels are too high it can cause great damage to your body but on the other hand if it is too low you can also put your body at risk.

Medication will be able to control your diabetes but you also need to eat healthier. It does not help you take the medication or insulin injections but you indulge on sugary and fatty foods.

The big thing about this is also to keep your weight as low as possible. The moment your weight increases, you are adding bad and excessive cholesterol to your body that cannot only cause heart diseases but worsen your diabetes. Not many people truly realize the devastating effects that diabetes can have.

Most young adults as well as children suffer from diabetes because they do not eat healthy anymore. In the old days mothers used to cook, healthy vegetables from the garden and children used to pick their fruit from the trees. They did not treat fruit and vegetables with all types of chemicals.

It is not just the chemicals damaging your body but the fact that with the haste in life today it is easier to order take away foods or purchase ready-made frozen meals. It is unbelievable to see the amount of fat in these types of fast foods. Take a normal chip for example. The moment you hold a dry chip over a flame, it will turn black and fat will drip from it.

Another thing these bad foods will affect is your metabolism. It will slow down causing you to pick up weight that will affect your organs as well as your problem with diabetes.You might not know this now but diabetes can even cause you to go blind.

When your kidney and liver are not able to cope for long, you will end up in a coma and possibly die.

The types of food that you must avoid include white rice, white pasta, white flour, white sugar, fatty foods, caffeine as well as alcohol.

Also,instead of choosing these white wheat products, you should opt for brown wheat products. Use brown sugar instead of white sugar. Instead of deep-frying your food, you can steam it with fresh herbs that will taste much better..

Yes, you will not be able to go on nights where you and your friends order pizza and binge drink. It might sound like fun but your health and life is much more important.