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Warning Symptoms Of Diabetes In Women

One of the biggest killers in the modern world is diabetes. The major reason behind this is that people suffer from the disease without knowing that something is going wrong within their bodies. This makes the disease remain uncontrolled. Men and women have different body types so both of them suffer differently with diabetes

It is critical for every woman to know about the general symptoms of diabetes. This knowledge can save them from suffering various severe diabetic complications like losing a limb or vision loss. The trademark diabetes symptom in women is recurrent yeast infection. The prime reason behind this is that sugar gets into the urine as it is excess in the bloodstream and the result is yeast infection. Other diabetes symptoms in women include vaginal dryness which results in irritated feelings around the vaginal area.

Not to mention that these diabetes symptoms in women effect the confidence, comfort and their love life. Serious diabetes symptoms include reduced feelings in hand and feet because of poor blood circulation and blurry vision. Diabetes also causes inflammation of the blood vessels and excessive build up of sugar in the bloodstream. This results in difficulty in passing through of blood in blood vessels. This is the prime cause of poor blood circulation as there is not much room left for the blood for efficient circulation. If this poor circulation of blood continues for a period of time the limbs do not get enough blood supply. They start to become numb and finally lose blood at all; this is the time when amputation becomes essential. The symptoms of diabetes for women range from being unpleasant to life threatening; the one most bothersome is never-ending trips to the rest room.

Diabetic women also become increasingly thirsty and they keep on drinking any liquid they can get their hands on, even then their quench is never satisfied. The things become even worse if the woman decides to have regular soda or some juice drink instead of plain water or sugar-free beverage. The regular juice drinks result in further increase in blood sugar levels thus leaving them even more thirsty. The excessive drinking makes bathroom the best friend of women as their body try to flush the excessive sugar out of the body for getting rid of any excessive amount of sugar in the blood stream.

Apart from these symptoms extreme fatigue and tiredness are also the common signs and symptoms of diabetes in women. It is critically important for any woman to seek immediate medical advice if any of the above mentioned symptoms are experienced. One must never feel scared to be diagnosed with diabetes as the diagnosis will lead her to treat and manage the problem. It is advisable not to wait too long to visit the doctor as each passing day can worsen the symptom of diabetes in women.

It is equally important to remember that diabetes is not an end of life; rather it is a kick start of a healthier lifestyle.