Diabetes and Serious Complications in The Nervous System

People suffering from chronic diabetes are likely to be affected by diabetic neuropathy. It occurs due to injury to the blood vessels that carry to nerves. A number of associated diseases also manifest themselves like paralysis and nervous disorders affecting other systems of the body also. It affects a whole lot of nerves, controlling various functions of the body. As a consequence functioning of other organs is also affected. This condition can result in a single disorder or multiple disorders of different kinds in the system. Even the functioning of the brain can be affected by diabetic neuropathy, depending on which nerves are affected.

There are different symptoms to indicate that the person has been affected by diabetic neuropathy. No part of the body is spared once this problem takes hold. The nervous system, the digestive system, the urinary system, functioning of the chest, sex, etc; are all affected. Loss of control over functioning of the various systems will have an effect on facial features, eye sight, muscular strength, etc. The throat experiences difficulty in swallowing and also in speaking. Pains all over the body, loss of muscle control are also the effect of diabetic neuropathy. In short, a whole lot of indications are there for diabetic neuropathy.

A number of circumstances which result in diabetes developing into diabetic neuropathy are listed.

  • Blood vessels and nerves are interdependent in their normal functioning. A construction in the blood vessel hampers the normal flow of blood to the nervous system and as a result functioning of every system gets disoriented. As this condition becomes more serious, both the nervous system and the circulatory system are in serious trouble. One way of treating this problem is dilation of the affected blood vessel. This has a marked effect on the functioning of the affected nerves.
  • One of the main causes for diabetic neuropathy is the very high level of glucose in the body. Glucose which has to be digested and absorbed in the blood is left free and it combines with proteins to produce an unwanted mixture with harmful effects. It has been found that such proteins place part in a diabetes patient developing diabetic neuropathy. There may be other complications also.
  • The more serious effect that diabetic neuropathy has on the nervous system is that nerve tissues are damaged and the normal functioning of the retina and kidney are impaired. It has been found that the nerve tissues, retina, and the kidney are not at all dependent on insulin on their normal functioning. They absorb whatever glucose is necessary and releases the balance in to the system, which in the normal circumstances and in healthy person will not affect the body functioning.

It has also been noticed nerves are affected in different ways depending on where they operate. There are nervous system controlling groups of system for example different system control arms, legs, etc; heart and lung, gastrointestinal system, urinary and reproductive system etc. Similarly the nerves going to the skull are different.


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