Preventive Measures To Remain Heart Healthy

Other than a congenital predisposition, there are many more coronary risk factors that everyone needs to be aware of. These are the most prominent of the risk factors. Smoking is a very serious risk factor, and should be number one on the list. Excess weight places an extra burden on the heart, and those morbidly obese increase their risk factors many times over those who are only 10 to 20 lbs. over their normal weight. The problem of obesity generally starts with the young children in school, where 1 in 3 students will be found to be overwieght. Not enough emphasis is placed on physical activity, and the lunches in school cafeterias.

Diet is extremely important and can impact heart health tremendously. The average Americans are simply not following the guidelines of eating enough fruits, vegetables, whole grains and nuts in their daily diet. They are not reading food labels to see what that a particular food consists of. Because of this their diets will consist of too many trans fats, that need to be completely avoided, and sodium and sugars that need to be used in lower amounts only in order to remain heart healthy. They will also have to avoid fried foods and foods that contribute to causing high blood pressure, high cholesterol and triglycerides. High blood pressure (hypertension) forces the heart to work harder to supply enough blood to the body tissues and organs. High blood cholesterol (hypercholesterolemia), places an added burden on the heart to pump the blood through narrowed arteries.Another risk factor, high blood triglyceride levels. Here too, the raised triglycerides causes problems for those with high cholesterol and actually work in unison most of the time.

Diabetes, known as a silent killer because a great number of people are unaware that they have the disease, has became rampant throughout the entire nation. When they become aware of symptoms, damage to the circulatory system, organs and eyes may already be present. That is why everyone should have a simple blood test to know their blood glucose levels. The individuals age, race and gender, play an enormous part in maintaining a healthy heart. Much like an aging automobile, the older it gets, the more maintenance it will need. Sedentary lifestyle and how active you are, often determines your heart health. Physical activity needs to start at an early age. Unfortunately most schools are lax in having their students join in physical activities. Television and the computer have put our younger generation at risk, making couch potatoes of them at an early age. This is a learning problem and has become a habit carried through into our adult years. Stress, both emotionally and physical will play an important part in having a healthy heart. We are is stressful times, due to unemployment, and having to work work two jobs, just to get by.

The environmental factor is another serious health risk. The pollution of our environment has become widespread. Homes have been built on polluted landfills, making them at risk from the chemicals and gases, such as radon. So you can see how the environment would play such an extremely important role in your heart health with the air you breathe, the water you drink, the food you eat, and where you live. Exercise or the lack thereof can place you at serious risk for heart disease, as mentioned above. After identifying your risk factors, addressing these factors are the next step in improving your chances of achieving a healthier heart. The best way is creating a plan on paper so that you can follow a program on a daily basis. This program will consist of what to do and what not to do. Dedicating yourself to the program will help you to achieve a healthy heart and lifestyle. For those individuals with a family history of cardiovascular disease, instituting a healthy heart program is a must. This alone should be enough motivation to give this serious thought. Start by taking each of the risks mentioned above and write down how you can improve your lifestyle by addressing those risks.

Below is a program you should follow:

Smoking. I’m sure everyone knows what the risks attributed to smoking are. So, if you smoke, you must STOP! More people die of lung cancer than due to any other causes, except possibly living a sedentary lifestyle.

Excess weight. If you are 10-20 pounds overweight, you must lose the excess weight. Men with waist size above 40 inches, and women with waist size above 36 inches are at a greater risk for coronary heart disease. Losing this excess weight can be achieved by watching your calorie intake. You should have a healthy percentage of body fat. For men it is 10 to 22 percent, and for women 16 to 28 percent. Knowing your “Body Mass Index” can also be an important factor in determining your risk factor for cardiovascular disease and hypertension. This is calculated on your height and weight. Normally a healthy BMI is between 18.5 and 24.9. Another simple test to determine your body fat is to subtract your waist measurement from your height measurement (in inches). If the difference is 36 or greater, your body fat is within normal range. Watching your calorie intake is a must. But first you must know what your calorie intake is. Determine this by multiplying your weight by 6.7, then add 487 and multiply that by 1.6, the result will be the calories needed to maintain your present weight. To lose weight, reduce your calorie intake by at least 500 calories. The weight loss will be slow and steady. You must also add exercise to your daily routine. If you are morbidly obese, a greater effort is needed to lose the weight. Here, it may be wise to consult a nutritionist and possibly a psychologist who is versed in weight loss problems for morbidly obese individuals.

Diet is everyone’s problem when it comes to cardiovascular health. Eating a healthy diet is making sure you are getting at least 5 portions of vegetables and 3 portions of fruits daily. Whole wheat grains, as well as nuts and legumes should be included as well. Not everyone gets their normal daily requirement of vitamins and minerals, so it is prudent that they take a good vitamin and mineral supplement daily. When one is serious about their diet, they must read the food labels of every food eaten. Trans Fats must be avoided as well as saturated fats. Fried foods are to be avoided. High Blood Pressure (Hypertension). A reading of 120 over 80 is the desired goal. Hypertension can affect children as well as adults, but there are more adults that are affected. Hypertension can cause heart attacks, or strokes. There are individuals who are completely unaware of what their blood pressure readings are. Age being no criterion for those affected with high blood pressure, so it is impossible to believe there are people who are still unaware of what their blood pressure stats are, when there are simple ways of checking. There are inexpensive home monitors, and many of the chain Pharmacies have free blood pressure machines, and it takes only a few minutes. High blood cholesterol blood levels (Hypercholesterolemia). The body manufactures cholesterol from saturated fats. A reading of 200 mg/dl and below is the desired goal. A reading of 200 to 239 is considered borderline, and readings of 240 and above are considered high. There are 2 types of cholesterol, LDL; the bad cholesterol should be less than 100 mg/dl. The HDL is considered the good cholesterol, but a reading of less than 40 mg/dl is considered a major risk factor for heart disease. Above 60 mg/dl is considered good and the goal to reach. Here too, there are individuals who are completely unaware of what their blood cholesterol levels are. High blood cholesterol can affect anyone, no matter what his or her ages are. Children should be tested at age 10 as well. High blood triglyceride levels. A reading of 150 mg/dl is the normal level. A reading of 150-199 mg/dl is considered borderline-high. Above 199 mg/dl is considered very high and in the danger level. The increase for heart disease in women is more than 190 mg/dl, and in men it is above 400 mg/dl. Triglycerides are fats that are derived from sugars and carbohydrates and are manufactured in the liver. Triglycerides and cholesterol are the causative agents in causing atheroslerotic plaques that narrow the arteries and are the causative factors in cardiovascular disease and strokes.

Diabetes, as mentioned above is a silent killer. Type 2 diabetes is the most prevalent and very often goes undetected because at its onset and for many years, it may not present any apparent symptoms. By the time symptoms start to appear, damage will have occurred to the circulatory system, eyes, and other body organs. Everyone should be aware of their blood sugar level, and it only requires a simple blood test to know this. There are individuals who may have symptoms related to diabetes, such as neuropathies, who do not investigate their symptoms by going to a healthcare professional for an evaluation. Age, race and gender are important risk factors for cardiovascular diseases. Native Americans, African Americans, and Jews with eastern Mediterranean origins are at a greater risk to have any of the above risk factors for heart disease. This does not preclude any other individual from these risks.

A sedentary lifestyle kills more Americans than any of those that are placed at risk by smoking. It is important that we remain active, especially as we grow older. Being a couch potato will place you at serious risk for heart disease. The mantra “keep moving”, should be embedded into the brain. The importance of exercise is one the most important factors, and is something that everyone needs to start. However, before you start an exercise program, you should see your healthcare provider for a complete physical evaluation. He or she will be be able to tell what you can do or cannot do in choosing an exercise. For example, they may find an enlarged heart, a heart valve problem, a murmur, or some other physical disability. This does not preclude you from exercising, but you you will at least know what type of exercise program you should have and to what extremes you can extend yourself.

Stress kills. Reducing the amount of stress you are experiencing can add years to your life. Everyone needs to take a time out period during the day, giving them a chance to decompress and relax. Getting a restful night’s sleep for at least 7-8 hours is a requirement, and a must to help reduce stress. Without enough restful sleep, you most certainly will have a stressful day ahead. Environmental factors are serious causes for heart disease. These factors can entail anything form the air we breathe, where we work, and where the food we eat is grown, packaged or prepared. A case in point as an example. in the past, at least 166 people have become violently ill, and even 3 have died by becoming infected with “E Coli” from eating fresh packaged spinach. At least 25 states were involved. In this instance the people eating the tainted spinach had no prior knowledge or control. Be aware of news stories, and recalls that may be announced. We do have control of checking our homes for living in a clean environment. Exercise, as mentioned above, is one the single most important things to combine with diet to keep you vigorous and vital throughout your senior years. It can reduce your LDL cholesterol levels and increase your HDL cholesterol levels, decreasing your heart and blood vessel risk factors. It is important to find an exercise program that you enjoy and will stay with. Also walking for at least one hour daily is extremely beneficial. If it can’t be on a daily basis, at least try for 3 times a week.

Customer Reviews: Generic Levitra Knows What Results a Man Expects

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Type 2 diabetes – monitoring and control in Canadian Pharmacy

I have Type 2 diabetes and am treated with insulin. I am not very keen on testing my blood and sometimes feel guilty about this. How often do I really need to test? Type 2 diabetes

When you first went on insulin you probably had support from family and workmates and close contact with a practice nurse. It can be depressing when the initial interest fades and you have to come to terms with the fact that the routine of diabetes will never go away. This is a time when people may stop doing regular blood tests. We have interviewed a number of people who have given up testing and these are the most common reasons they give.

  • Testing is messy and bloody.
  • I haven’t got time/can’t be bothered to test my blood.
  • There is no need to test if you feel all right.
  • Testing my blood brings it home to me that I have diabetes.
  • It is inconvenient/embarrassing to test in public or at work.
  • Insulin injections are essential, blood tests are not.
  • A bad test makes me feel even more depressed about my diabetes.

These are the opinions of people living with diabetes and they must be respected. However, we believe that, if you need insulin, you will only achieve good control by doing blood tests since there is no other way of knowing exactly where you are with your diabetes. There is no hard and fast rule about how often you should test and you should be guided by what information you hope to gain from doing a blood test. You should obviously test if it is important to know your glucose level, for example when checking your safety to drive, confirming a hypo or if you feel unwell, or in preparation for exercise. On other occasions, you may simply want to check that your blood sugar level is within the target range.

In the past 12 months I have had to increase my insulin dosage several times, but have been unable to get a blood test result that was near normal. I have had diabetes for 25 years and until last year I have always been well controlled. What has gone wrong?

Here are a few reasons why your blood glucose levels may have crept up and why you need more insulin after many years of good control:

  • less exercise, meaning that more insulin is needed for your food intake;
  • an increase in the amount of food you eat;
  • increased stress or emotional upsets;
  • any illness that lingers on, leading to a need for more insulin;
  • technical problems with injections such as the appearance of lumps from repeated doses of insulin into the same site;
  • increase in weight and middle-age spread;
  • treatment with certain drugs, especially steroids.

Apart from these identified reasons, some people do find that the dose of insulin that they need may vary by quite large amounts with no obvious explanation.

Can stress influence blood glucose readings?

Yes, but the response varies from one person to another. In some people stress tends to make the blood glucose rise whereas in other people it may increase the risk of hypoglycaemia.

Exacerbation Recovery and Temperature


Table 1 shows the patient characteristics of the 307 patients with COPD. There were 100 (32.9%) active smokers at recruitment; 303 had a history of smoking, with a mean consumption of 50.5 pack years (SD, 35.9). Also, 262 patients (86.5%) were taking a median dose of 1,000 mg of beclomethasone equivalents (IQR, 500-1,000) of inhaled steroids; 41 patients (13.3%) were not taking inhaled steroids, and the dosage was unknown for four patients Viagra Generic. The patients recorded diary card data for 1,037 patient years and experienced 2,606 exacerbations, a median of 2.13 per patient per year (IQR, 0.94-3.32). Of these, 676 exacerbations were experienced by 212 patients in the warm seasons, and 1,052 exacerbations by 251 patients in the cold seasons: 197 patients experienced exacerbations in both seasons, and outside of the two seasons, 878 exacerbations were experienced.

Table 1—Characteristics of the 307 Patients

Characteristic Value
Age y 68.1 (8.4)
FEVp L 1.12 (0.46)
FEVP % predicted 44.4 (16.1)
FVC, L 2.51 (0.83)
FEV/FVC 0.45 (0.12)
Smoking, pack y 50.5 (35.9)
Time in study, median, (IQR), d 1,021 (631-1,576)
Exacerbations, median, (IQR), No. 6(2-12)
Exacerbations per year 2.13 (0.94-3.32)
Male, No. (%) 196 (63.8)
Chronic sputum, No. (%) 158 (51.6)
Current smoking, No. (%) 100 (32.9)

Data are given as mean (SD) unless otherwise indicated. Smoking history missing for four patients at recruitment. IQR = interquartile range

Patients were under observation in summer for a median 352 days (IQR, 224-523) and in winter for a median 338 days (IQR, 222-525).

There were 55.6% more exacerbations in the cold seasons compared with the warm seasons. The average temperature in the warm seasons was 16.7°C (range, 6.4 to 28.2), and in the cold seasons, 6.6°C (range, —3.5 to 15.6).

Exacerbation Recovery and Temperature

The median recovery time from all symptoms in the warm seasons was shorter at 9 days (IQR, 5-16; n = 595) compared with 10 days in the cold seasons (IQR, 6-19; n = 892; P = .005).

About Asthma

What could be fun about asthma? Finding it hard to breathe is certainly nothing to laugh at. Perhaps you feel offended or even shocked by our putting together “fun” and “asthma.” Asthma is a life-threatening and debilitating disease, and we do not mean to trivialize its importance. However, we have found that the FUN approach can be a powerful and effective antidote. And in light of this we have chosen it as the foundation of our mindbody healing system.


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Fun is a way of life; it’s light and lighthearted. It’s the opposite of heavy and serious. Fun is the attitude that Norman Cousins, author of Anatomy of an Illness, used to heal himself of a disease that his doctors had said was irreversible. Fun is embodied in our having a sense of humor about life’s disappointments, our losses, our pain, our errors, ourselves. Fun is a natural, organic part of life that many of us have forgotten. Except for children. For kids even crossing the street, going to the grocery store, or eating an ice cream cone can be fun. As adults we tend to lose this natural sense of enjoyment. Our fun depends on our circumstances. When our lives become painful, we tend to hold onto the pain and embody it. We feel tense, stressed out, overburdened. Our response is to tighten our muscles, to forgo smiles and laughter, to take life very seriously. And eventually this manifests as illness.

Fun, humor, and laughter provide the freedom from seriousness that is essential to living asthma free. The symptoms of asthma are the opposite of fun in every way. Instead of opening you up, loosening the muscles, relaxing you, asthma narrows you down, constricts, stresses you out. Joy opens the heart and the lungs, just as fear and rancor close and block them. Fun, humor, laughter, and joy create a pause in our suffering, transform it, and give us the room to relax and to breathe. Your Committee members will deny this to their last breath, but even in the throes of an asthma attack, shifting your perspective, taking time out from the debilitating beliefs you hold about what may happen, and smiling instead of frowning can relax your facial, neck, chest, back, and stomach muscles. This allows you to break the cycle of tension and fear and, in turn, can relieve the symptoms. Do we mean that you should ignore your symptoms as you gasp for breath? Of course not. What it does mean is that you take time out to see the asthma in a new light, one in which you set aside your prejudices and preconceived ideas about illness.

Remedy News: Aging

You eat bread, without thinking about its attitude toward your will; drink water without being aware of the attitude – toward life, as well as toward your heart. While drinking water and cooling yourself down, say in yourself: “In the way water cools, let, in the same way, my feelings cool down and refresh the tired and thirsty traveler.’’ If you pronounce these words every day, your heart will renovate. This is one of the methods, which Nature uses for rejuvenating humans and raising their spirits.

Retain neither yours, nor somebody else’s mistakes in your mind – this is a method for rejuvenation.

Do not hold somebody else’s mistakes in yourself for a long time, because you will catch the same mistakes.

One gets younger while he is smiling. One, who studies God’s truth, does not get older.

If you can read the Old and New Testaments 99 times, you will rejuvenate.

There are lots of ways for rejuvenating. Stand up early in the morning, grab the lobe of the ear. Then massage the bone behind the ear. Do this every morning.

Fasting is used for renovating of the body. It is a method of rejuvenation. After the fasting, eat as long as it is possible uniform food, which requires less effort for digestion, in order appetite not to be stirred, in order lungs to be able to develop and you to take in more prana from the air and water and take out more juices from food than now.

If you want to rejuvenate, make the following experiment. If you are at the age of 50 or 60, every night when you go to bed, say to yourself that tomorrow you will be 5 years younger than you are today. Make this experiment for a week. If you have managed to put that thought in your subconscious, at the end of the week, you will really be 5 years younger. Do so for several weeks until you get younger and even reach the age of 25.

In the course of 5 years at most one can rejuvenate. To achieve this, he must make the following experiment: every night, when he goes to bed, let him say that in the morning he will find a black hair on his head. On the next day he shall do the same. And indeed, every morning he is going to find one black hair more. Day after day his hairs will get black, until one morning, when he will see that his whole hair has become black. This depends on the strength of his mind and his faith.

Love is the one that supports life. If one loses Love, he is slowly dying.

People die from lovelessness. If there is no one to love somebody, he soon dies.

Dying is nothing else, but taking off old clothes and dressing of new ones. It is impossible for somebody always to have new and good clothing, which is always clean.

If one loses half of his weight, dies. When the balance between the powers of the heart and the powers of mind is broken, then death comes.

Death is a tax-gatherer, who serves the karmic spirits. These spirits are also called guards. They are present at anyone’s dying and argue on his soul.

It is defined for everybody from what he will die and when he will die.

When a man dies, he leaves everything on Earth. The only thing, which he takes with him, is the capital deposited in his brain. When a person is dying, his soul stays next to his head, waiting for his last breath, in order to take this capital immediately.

During the entire life it has been working on it, has been turning the lower into higher, has organized it and now it comes down to take it. It takes only the essence of the brain.

Treatment Your Balls

Torsion of the Testis

Torsion of the testis is a condition that requires an emergency operation. It occurs when a testis twists around in the scrotum. In some people the testes can move around in the scrotum more than usual. If a testis twists round, the blood supply to the testis is blocked in the twisted spermatic cord. The effect of this is that the testis, with its blood supply cut off, becomes damaged and will ‘die’ unless the blood flow is quickly restored.

Torsion is most common in teenage boys, shortly after puberty, and it is uncommon in men over the age of 25.

What Are the Symptoms of Torsion of the Testis?

The main symptom of torsion is severe pain in the testicle. Sometimes pain is also felt in the belly area due to the nerve supply to the testes. The pain tends to come on quite quickly and becomes severe over a few hours. The affected testis soon becomes swollen, red and very sore to touch.

What Is the Treatment for Torsion of the Testis?

Torsion of the testis is an emergency because if the blood supply to the testis is cut off for more than about 6 hours, permanent damage to the testis is likely to result. An emergency operation is usually done to untwist the testis and spermatic cord and ‘fix’ the testis in position so that torsion can’t happen again. There is an increased chance of torsion occurring in the other testis at a later date so that testis is also fixed at the same time to prevent this from happening. The operation ideally should be within a few hours of the symptoms starting in order to maximize the chance of saving the testis. Otherwise, the testis may have to be removed.

Partial Torsion and Warning Pains

Sometimes sharp pains, which last a few minutes and go just as quickly, can occur in the testes of boys and young men. This can be due to partial twisting of the testis, which then untwists again with relief of symptoms. This can be an early warning sign of a possible torsion later on. It is important to get prompt medical advice if these symptoms occur. Sometimes if these warning pains occur, an operation is recommended to fix the affected testis so as to prevent full-blown torsion later on.

Blood In the Semen

The presence of blood in the ejaculate is called haematospermia (pronounced hem-at-o-sperm-e-a). This is usually a harmless symptom; however, it can cause major worry and anxiety for an affected man. Usually there is no underlying medical cause and detailed investigations are not needed. Less commonly, it may be associated with abnormalities of the urinary tract, including kidney and prostate problems, and occasionally is associated with other more generalised illnesses, such as cirrhosis of the liver or parasitic infections. Men aged over 40 with persistent haematospermia may need to be referred to a urologist, especially if they have other symptoms or abnormal findings on examination.

Sleep problems

If you’re not getting a good night’s sleep you could have more problems than just tiredness. Studies suggest sleep disorders are associated with ED. Chronic sleep problems have also been linked to familiar conditions such as high blood pressure and cholesterol, diabetes, and obesity. Not the Perfect Storm again!

Sleep apnoea is a sleep disorder in which a person’s airway temporarily collapses, causing him or her to stop breathing. Unsurprisingly, research has confirmed a link between ED and sleep apnoea. Men with ED are more than twice as likely to have sleep apnoea. The American Academy of Sleep Medicine buy Cialis in Australia reports that with CPAP therapy (continuous positive airway pressure therapy) the results on improved erectile function were significant. If you suffer from sleep apnoea, then CPAP therapy is strongly recommended.

You may have come across pronouncements that 7 hours of good sleep is optimal. What is optimal depends on your age and being able to function without the lack of good sleep symptoms such as memory problems, feeling tired, not being able to make decisions as you normally do etc. According to David K. Randall’s definitive book on sleep, Dreamland: Adventures in the Strange Science of Sleep, your age and your genetics determine how much sleep you require.

Teenagers are generally built to sleep later and need more sleep and, older people go to bed earlier and need less sleep. It’s a fascinating book dispelling modern sleep rules probably enforced upon us by marketing departments trying to sell sleeping drugs and even big beds! Social taboos get in the way of lighter sleeping women demanding separate beds and even separate rooms from snoring, fidgety and sleep talking men! Good sleep reduces stress and grumpiness and enhances good relationships. This can only be good for any ED condition.

A fascinating conclusion from the book is that we are genetically evolved to have two sleeps with an intervening period. This is based on the evolutionary need for someone in the social group to be awake at all times to protect the group. Hence, if you do wake during the night do not stress about your lack of sleep, consider a sex encounter and then get relaxed into your second sleep – provided of course that your partner is not deprived of sleep. This is especially relevant if you suffer from Performance Anxiety and you feel in any way obligated to perform before lights out! What a terrific way to spend the intervening wake period and to get you relaxed for your second sleep. We will examine Performance Anxiety in Psychological Sources of ED.

Another fascinating conclusion from research quoted in David К Randall’s book is that sleeping drugs in general only add 10 minutes to the beginning and end of a sleep. The placebo effect on your brain probably has a much bigger effect than the profit contribution you make to the drug companies peddling sleeping drugs. Here are some common sense tips to help with good sleep:

– Cut caffeine – depending on your make up, the effects of caffeine can take as long as eight hours to wear off.

– Avoid excess alcohol as a sleep aid – it may initially help you fall asleep, but it can also lead to non restful sleep, not the type you need.

– Relax before bedtime – create a pre-sleep ritual, such as a hot bath, to help you relax and unwind from the day’s events.

– Exercise – regular exercise, usually in the mornings or afternoons, can help you sleep.

– Find what works for you and do it. Most people find a dark, quiet, and comfortable bedroom healthy. In Step 6 – 7 we will spend a lot of effort on correcting your mind processes and learning to relax.

– There is substantial research that shows that bright lights from a computer screen or even a bright book reader interferes with the your body’s natural circadian rhythms controlling your body’s need to sleep. Find out of this is an issue for you and if you like to read before you sleep, adjust the contrast.

– Have a sex encounter!

Another syndrome associated with lack of good sleep is Restless Legs Syndrome – RLS to you and me. Yes, you heard correctly and even I was incredulous when I first heard it. There is some debate about the validity of this condition but there is general acceptance that it does exist and that it contributes to sleep problems.

What is Erectile Dysfunction (ED)?

Problems with a man’s erection can cause a profound psychological disturbance in men. Many men feel that if they can’t get an erection “on demand” they are no longer real men and it can undermine their sense of manhood. The medical term is quite a mouthful: Erectile Dysfunction, and for obvious reasons this is usually abbreviated to ED.

The most common, old-fashioned name for this ailmentImage.docondition was “Impotence”. But this is clumsy, inaccurate and judgmental and together with the adjectival form “impotent”, we are going to banish from our discussion. Why? Both “impotence” and “impotent” are off the mark and have destructive connotations for men. The Oxford Thesaurus equates “impotent” with “feeble, helpless, ineffective, ineffectual, powerless, unable, weak…” – ouch! How could a normal and common ailment that men experience at some time of their lives be so described? Social myths haven’t helped and misleading information about ED, wrongly described as “impotence” is widespread and unhelpful. They play into the hands of unscrupulous merchants of “Good Sex” guides, wonder drugs and contraptions. Contraptions? Your Dick’s alter ego would probably like you to try them all to distract you from our goal of conquering ED. I have tested them all and they just don’t work. -Very cool store selling Viagra, all advise !!! Yesterday he bought goods there :)

But before we go any further, you and I need to understand the importance of not pushing the panic button and misdiagnosing the situation. Let’s be clear. Occasionally not managing to get an erection, or occasionally losing one too quickly, does not indicate ED. The key word is “occasionally”. If, once in a Blue Moon, your Dick does not feel like making an impression of a flagpole, that’s
nothing to worry about. You might get a shock the first time he doesn’t stand up for the National Anthem and feel tempted to have him face the firing squad for disloyalty, but every man should know how to shrug off the odd no-show. It’s inconvenient, sure. Even a bit embarrassing. But it’s not the end of the world if it’s only an infrequent occurrence. Rest assured, it isn’t ED if most of the time he behaves and delivers the goods. OK then, what level of underperformance adds up to ED?

Before we can address that, we need to back up slightly and define normal erect function buy Sildenafil Canada. “It’s not rocket science,” says my techie cousin, Mr. Dickxy. “It’s when your Dick gets hard enough to penetrate a sexual partner and stay hard until you come (“ejaculate”).” OK, we now know what ED isn’t, so, how do you know if suffer from ED?

The following four pointers should help make the definition a bit more precise. ED may very well be present if:

1. Frequently or all the time you cannot get a sufficient erection to penetrate your partner’s vagina.

2. The level of hardness of your erection is not sufficient for adequate penetration until you ejaculate. You may be able to have vaginal intercourse even with your Dick being less firm but, ED is also present when your erections are not firm enough.

3. Even if you get hard and penetrate her vagina you lose the erection before you ejaculate.

4. You experience ED with certain partners and in certain situations but not Others.

It’s important to stress that there is no formal known test to diagnose ED but these four pointers should help define your condition.