What is Erectile Dysfunction (ED)?

Problems with a man’s erection can cause a profound psychological disturbance in men. Many men feel that if they can’t get an erection “on demand” they are no longer real men and it can undermine their sense of manhood. The medical term is quite a mouthful: Erectile Dysfunction, and for obvious reasons this is usually abbreviated to ED.

The most common, old-fashioned name for this ailmentImage.docondition was “Impotence”. But this is clumsy, inaccurate and judgmental and together with the adjectival form “impotent”, we are going to banish from our discussion. Why? Both “impotence” and “impotent” are off the mark and have destructive connotations for men. The Oxford Thesaurus equates “impotent” with “feeble, helpless, ineffective, ineffectual, powerless, unable, weak…” – ouch! How could a normal and common ailment that men experience at some time of their lives be so described? Social myths haven’t helped and misleading information about ED, wrongly described as “impotence” is widespread and unhelpful. They play into the hands of unscrupulous merchants of “Good Sex” guides, wonder drugs and contraptions. Contraptions? Your Dick’s alter ego would probably like you to try them all to distract you from our goal of conquering ED. I have tested them all and they just don’t work.

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But before we go any further, you and I need to understand the importance of not pushing the panic button and misdiagnosing the situation. Let’s be clear. Occasionally not managing to get an erection, or occasionally losing one too quickly, does not indicate ED. The key word is “occasionally”. If, once in a Blue Moon, your Dick does not feel like making an impression of a flagpole, that’s
nothing to worry about. You might get a shock the first time he doesn’t stand up for the National Anthem and feel tempted to have him face the firing squad for disloyalty, but every man should know how to shrug off the odd no-show. It’s inconvenient, sure. Even a bit embarrassing. But it’s not the end of the world if it’s only an infrequent occurrence. Rest assured, it isn’t ED if most of the time he behaves and delivers the goods. OK then, what level of underperformance adds up to ED?

Before we can address that, we need to back up slightly and define normal erect function buy Sildenafil Canada. “It’s not rocket science,” says my techie cousin, Mr. Dickxy. “It’s when your Dick gets hard enough to penetrate a sexual partner and stay hard until you come (“ejaculate”).” OK, we now know what ED isn’t, so, how do you know if suffer from ED?

The following four pointers should help make the definition a bit more precise. ED may very well be present if:

1. Frequently or all the time you cannot get a sufficient erection to penetrate your partner’s vagina.

2. The level of hardness of your erection is not sufficient for adequate penetration until you ejaculate. You may be able to have vaginal intercourse even with your Dick being less firm but, ED is also present when your erections are not firm enough.

3. Even if you get hard and penetrate her vagina you lose the erection before you ejaculate.

4. You experience ED with certain partners and in certain situations but not Others.

It’s important to stress that there is no formal known test to diagnose ED but these four pointers should help define your condition.


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