Alternative & Natural Treatment for Ovarian Cyst

Did you ever know that there is alternative and all natural remedy for ovarian cyst? Almost every woman at some time of their life encounter this cyst disease without even knowing. This is because this cyst disease has no symptoms in most females. In some women who come across ovarian cyst have complained about having pain in the pelvic region. Though this is a very usual sign, there are many other symptoms which symbolize the growth of cyst such as irregularities in menstruation and solidity of the lower abdomen.

We all love to be treated naturally because we are aware of the unpleasant side effects that some medications bring about. Some remedies are also successful at treating this cyst disease but soon the disorder comes back. In most women, since the symptoms are unnoticed, the cysts go away naturally devoid of the need for medications. On the other hand, women who feel uneasy with the disorder would want to get rid of it and prevent further recurrence.

The disproportion in estrogen and progesterone causes painful cysts in women. This disproportion is treated using herbal teas such as loose dandelion tea leaves along with lots of water to help the body detoxify. Herbal teas are known to restore the balance of endocrine hormones and prevent cysts from recurring in future. If you are suffering from this cyst diseases then you should consult a naturopath regarding the herbs that you need to take depending on the symptoms. Different women may have to take the medications for different length of time and this totally depends on the condition.

The exact reason why women suffer from the disorder is unknown. Though some researchers have reported that women eating cheese products and lean meat show greater chance of catching the disease than woman who do not eat these foodstuffs. Changing the diet has proven to be one of the most effective methods of treating ovarian cyst naturally. Including leafy vegetables, fruits and legumes in diet eases pelvic pain. This diet must be continues until the cyst completely dissolves. Patients suffering from cyst must always avoid sugar and white flour and take whole grains as much as possible.
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Yoga is a beneficial exercise for mild cases and this might not be the case if there is severe infection. A heating pad can temporarily ease abdominal pain coming from ovarian cyst. All natural remedies can effectively treat cysts but it is always better to take advice from naturopaths in case of all cystic problems.


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