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Secrets To The Best Diets For High Cholesterol

The best diet for high cholesterol levels will actually have more benefits than just simply lowering cholesterol levels. You will begin to clear your arteries that are partially blocked that will eventually cause a heart attack or a stroke. In one out of three cases, the first symptom of heart disease is death. This is why eating healthy foods is so important because most people have grown accustomed to eating whatever they feel like eating. A majority of people who are trying to lower their cholesterol levels will say that they do not have much knowledge about nutrition and have no idea what to do. By changing what you eat and modifying your diet, you can actually stop your arteries from narrowing and even reverse the process. Eating healthy is not just for those with high cholesterol, but should be practiced by everyone of all ages. Here are a few things to think about when trying to find diets for high cholesterol levels.
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Don’t forget to eat healthy proteins

Eat different proteins and don’t just focus on one source. Avoid eating too much and always eat proteins in moderation. Balance your fish and animal intake and also include lots of leafy green vegetables as a source of protein. For example, spinach and asparagus are great sources of high quality protein. Also, try substituting soy protein instead of animal protein. Omega-3 fatty acids are also proven to help reduce heart diseases. Fish is a great source of the best proteins that you can consume.

Eat lots more vegetables

Not only do these foods provide you with the essential vitamins and nutrients needed to live, but you will be able to fight off heart diseases. You will be getting a good dose of dietary fiber as this also helps lower down cholesterol levels. Fruits are beneficial, too, but be careful to not eat more than 3 servings of fruit a day. Fruit contains a sugar called fructose and causes your body to release insulin, which ultimately raises your cholesterol. Make sure that you have a good amount of fresh vegetables every day.

Eat constantly and consistently

This is one of the best way to eat because you will rarely ever feel hungry. This a great way to eat the right foods and also lose weight. Most diets for high cholesterol levels will have you eating about 6 small meals a day and you should focus on mixing the types of foods that you eat. Eat balanced meals and look to not eat too much during any of the meals. You will be able to control your blood sugars and regulate your metabolism better.

In order to lower your cholesterol, you will also have to also become more active. Avoid living a sedentary lifestyle and focus on eating these foods. Say goodbye to junk food and make sure that you fill up your fridge with healthy and nutritious foods. Diets for high cholesterol levels are very tasty and not very difficult to maintain. You will just have to focus on being consistent and motivated. With just a little patience and motivation you will be able to fully lower your cholesterol levels and, at the same time, live a healthier and more active life.

Certain Facts About Diabetes

Diabetes is one of the most common diseases that most of us will experience later in life or sometimes even earlier. Without getting too clinical since it would be a confusion information overload for some. There are two types of diabetes: the Type 1 usually starts during childhood and the incidence of this type is apparently steady. On the other hand, Type 2 Diabetes is related with the inability to respond to insulin along with reduced capability to produce insulin in itself. Whether you’re on the first or the latter isn’t going to make things any better because once you have it, you’ll have to deal with it permanently and try your best to stabilize your glucose levels to avoid the unwanted side-effects.

Just so you know, diabetes can’t be acquired by just eating sweets. There are a number of foods that we eat which converts into glucose such as rice and starchy food. Not only that, it is said that some proteins can be converted as well, so you might have to consider watching your food intake from now on. I know a lot of young people with diabetes and living life in denial and eat sweets like there’s no tomorrow. It is indeed understandable why most youngsters cope that way since it was assumed that diabetes would later appear later in life. Needless to say, the incidence of teens acquiring this is on the rise.

The cause of diabetes can vary from acquired to genetic factor. A person can acquire the disease depending on familial tendency. A higher incidence will occur to children if the mother has diabetes when she gave birth; that’s 50% chance of getting the disease. If one is not too keen with his or her diet this will even more increase if there is family history on the father’s side as well.
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In supermarket’s today, we are easily fooled by what we see on nutrition facts. A label of sugar-free or no sugar added doesn’t guarantee us a free ticket to indulgence. There could be hidden sugar substitutes that can be harmful as well. We have to be very careful with what we buy and most of all what we feed our children. It is important that we inculcate and instill proper and healthy food choices to avoid getting Diabetes. We also have to be informed and keep abreast of the latest updates on diabetes most especially if one is likely to be predisposed.

Fifth Disease in Kids

Being a mother instantly gives you the position of being the family doctor. Thus, you must be aware of the conditions that might attack your family at any time, especially if you still have kids because they do not know when something is wrong with them until they feel weak. There are so many conditions that target the younger population and one of them is Fifth disease. Kids who are suffering from this condition are infected by the human parvovirus B19.

Since it affects the younger ones, it is your duty to be very observant about the changes so that when you seek professional assistance, you can accurately give an account of the development. It is not very easy to detect Fifth disease. Kids, at times, do not show signs of its presence. The common symptoms that are usually associated with it may or may not manifest. In cases that they do, the patient may suffer from headache, runny nose, sore throat, a low-grade fever and after a week, or sometimes longer, rashes may begin appearing.

When the rash appears, you should be very patient for it could give your child so much discomfort as it would be very itchy, especially when exposed to the sun or too much heat. It usually begins showing around the cheeks, making them quite bulky and reddish. After some time, it would spread to the arms and legs and could even advance to the buttocks or trunks. It may come and go for some weeks, so just bear with your child.

The transmission of the virus within a household would be very fast. One infected member could easily contaminate the whole family because of the intimacy among them. Once acquired, there would be an incubation period of about 21 days before the first symptoms will appear. This is why; when anyone feels any of the above symptoms, you must be extra careful and do not let the kids near that person since they can easily be infected. It is important to take action at once because when the rash appears, it means that the contagion period is over and it could be that the virus has already been passed to someone else.

Fifth disease in kids may not be as alarming as other conditions but it is still a burden to see your child suffer. So, be very keen about everything that is happening so that you can detect even the first signs of its presence to prevent it from spreading and to find treatment for it immediately.

Bladder Infection Treatment Depends on Severity

A bladder infection or urinary tract infection is a painful experience, especially if nothing is done about it. The symptoms can be hard to live with, as the infection can appear in the urethra and bladder. At this point, it only becomes a source of annoyance and is painful, but if nothing is done, it will worsen and will follow the urinary tract until it reaches the kidneys. This is why it’s best to find a bladder infection treatment before the pain worsens.

How Does It Happen?

A urinary tract infection tends to appear in women more often than men. The reason this takes place is because of the short distance between the anus and urethra. Plus, the bladder and urethral opening is very close together in females. This means bacteria can easily be transferred and cause irritation. If nothing is done about it, it quickly spreads and turns into an infection. Usually, the urethra and bladder are the areas that become affected.

Bladder Infection Treatment With the Help of Antibiotics

Many people normally treat a bladder infection with the help of antibiotics. The kind of drug and amount of time you’ll be on it depends on the type of bacteria causing the infection and your overall health condition.

Most doctors prescribe one of the following antibiotics:

• Sulfamethoxazole-trimethoprim
• Nitrofurantoin
• Amoxicillin
• Ampicillin
• Levofloxacin
• Ciprofloxacin

The majority of people who start treatment recover from the symptoms in just a few days. If someone experiences frequent infections, a longer dose of antibiotics will be given. A severe infection might require a hospital stay.

Bladder Infection Treatment Without Any Antibiotics

When dealing with a urinary tract infection, there are times when you can take care of it at home. However, it will depend on the infection’s severity. You can find over-the-counter medications to help with pain urinating. Some home remedies work when dealing with mild symptoms or to prevent a UTI from occurring.

Home remedies include drinking cranberry juice, apple cider vinegar, vitamin C, and lots of water. Certain supplements such as Flotrol Bladder Support can help.

Preventing UTIs

It helps to wear loose cotton clothing because this prevents a warm, moist environment from developing. It also encourages air circulation. Bacteria like to reside in moist areas, so make sure to take appropriate action to prevent that environment in your body. It’s important that you don’t resist the urge to urinate, because this also encourages bacteria growth and can aggravate symptoms.

Shingles Symptoms and How to Spot Them

Not a lot of people are aware of the disease called “Shingles.” For some, they may confuse it with chicken pox. This is not a far-off assumption since the causative factor of both chicken pox and shingles are the same. However, they both differ in their presenting symptoms and the time of the attack. Let us look more into them by reading this article.

Shingles is a condition that is characterized by a skin rash that is usually accompanied by pain. This condition is, as mentioned earlier, is caused by the very same virus that causes the onset of chicken pox. It is called the varicella zoster virus. However, shingles is considered to be a post-chicken pox condition. Allow me to explain.

People normally get chicken pox in their earlier stages. It is very common, but not limited to, children. Adults who have never had chicken pox in their life might contract the disease as well. Chicken pox can be passed on through airborne transmission. Once you have had chicken pox, it is well-known that you will never have it again for you have developed immunity to the condition. This is partially true because although you can never really have chicken pox again, you still carry with you the varicella zoster virus in its dormant state. Once your immune system crashes, or the virus gets activated by a variety of factors, you will exhibit symptoms of the disease again, but this time, it will be called shingles.

So, what are shingles symptoms? They are the following:

You would first experience one-sided pain. It could either be in your left side or right side. The pain can also come with tingling or burning sensation. This pain is a precursor to the rash that would appear afterward.

Following the pain would be the development of rash and blisters. Rash, in shingles, is usually limited to the central part of the body. This would include the spine, the trunk, the chest, the face, the mouth and the ears. It could also affect the eyes.

Blisters in shingles would usually “break” and form crusts. These would be very itchy and it is highly advised not to scratch them. These blisters would turn into ulcers and these ulcers would eventually form crusts. Once these crusts have dried, they would flake off. Again, please do not scratch. These crusts will fall off in time, around two to three weeks, and scarring will not occur if you do not scratch your blisters.

Other symptoms exhibited by a person affected with shingles would be abdominal pain, fever accompanied by chills, headache, body malaise, and joint pain. Due to the fact that the eyes are affected, ptosis, or drooping of the eyelids, may occur.

Shingles is not a very serious condition, but this does not mean that it should be taken lightly. When left alone, it could be aggravated by complications and might render you blind or deaf. Blood infection could even occur. It is strongly recommended that you consult with your doctor if ever you observe yourself, or someone you know, exhibiting the symptoms mentioned above.

Questions To Ask Your Doctor About Diabetes Medications

One of the unfortunate effects of being diagnosed with Type 2 diabetes is having to be put on medication: medication to help lower blood sugar levels and even your blood pressure. As more and more people find out they are afflicted with this life-threatening disease, they also find they may have to be on a myriad of different medications including daily insulin injections. However, it’s important to note making major lifestyle changes with diet and exercise can often reverse Type 2 diabetes, or at least lower the number and amount of medications needed.

Before you start taking any medication, it’s critical to know which questions you should be asking your doctor. Often, patients simply take the word of their doctor and start taking medication without asking the proper questions. No doctor should have a problem with you doing your research and knowing what questions to ask. After all, this is your body and there are long-term consequences associated with many medications.

Here are some of the questions you should ask before swallowing the first pill:
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Why do I need these pills? It’s critical you understand the process by which you will need this particular medication.

Is there anything you can do naturally or by altering your lifestyle that will replace the need for these pills?

Will I be able to come off of this medication? This question is more about finding out if your doctor is open to lifestyle changes to reverse Type 2 diabetes. Many doctors will tell you there’s no cure for Type 2 diabetes, and while that is true technically, it doesn’t mean you can’t reverse the condition. The end goal of the doctor should be to help you get well. If you’re willing to make major lifestyle modifications, you need to know whether or not your doctor will approve you to come off of the medication to see if you can go it alone.

How many pills do I take? Obviously, you need to understand how many pills you will need to take a day and when.

What kinds of side effects can I expect? Many doctors will try to tell you won’t have any side effects when taking diabetes medication. Unfortunately, that is not always true. Many people have side effects, but you need to know what to expect.

What do I do if I have side effects? You need to find out exactly what precautions to take in the event you do experience some side effects. For instance, many medications will cause a side effect of diarrhea. This can be a dangerous situation for diabetics who do not need to become dehydrated. The doctor should be able to tell you what to do in the event this happens.

Asking questions is something people diagnosed with Type 2 diabetes must get accustomed to doing. It can sometimes mean the difference between life and death.