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Perhaps, the best drug store all around. And here’s why. About Viagra at Canadian Pharmacy

So what you should know about Viagra at Canadian Pharmacy? It is not inferior to the original drug twice as more expensive at a drugstore around the corner. Seriously, I’ve been trying so many drugs to deal with poor erection problems – Cialis, Levitra, Viagra and dozens of its generic modifications, and should say, Viagra is the best option out there. Cialis is too strong, Levitra causes flushes for some reason, while Viagra leaves almost nothing to be desired. I’ve been trying a dozen of pharmacies before I’ve finally decided to stay with Canadian Pharmacy. And here are the reasons why.

‘Buy Viagra only at pharmacies’. Oh really?

Well, when they say ‘buy at official stores only’, they mean ‘we want your money here and now’. Who’s going to tell that you can get a more affordable price with a comparably high customer service? Yes, this is how big businesses seem to be making money. This is not my way, I prefer buying drugs smartly – with the unlimited opportunities internet offers it is naive to think the competition hasn’t reached this or that business niche yet. Of course, the market of ED drugs is oozing with scammers and fraudsters, but you know, it’s all about finding a diligent seller. Canadian Pharmacy is exactly the place you will love to purchase drugs from.

Well, and it is not all about quality (which leaves nothing to be desired here), but about impeccable customer service you’ve probably got used to at some gadgetry store. The company cares about you: from discrete packaging to generous discounts and an impressive loyalty program (yes, returning customers can save up to 30% on their orders). Moreover, you can save even more money when buying in bulk, plus the company rewards you with extra packages and gifts.

So you pay less, get everything you need delivered in a couple of days (ok, maybe more, it depends on the remoteness of your place) and enjoy simply stunning quality. So I’ve got just one question. WHY? Why should I buy from conventional drugstores whose offers are no longer competitive? Why do these guys don’t adapt to reality and don’t adjust their pricing policy. To me it seems like Big Pharma players do nothing but manipulate prices across the country. If the state of affairs keeps on developing in that direction, I would not be surprised when Canadians will cut their market share with such platforms. Well done guys, and shame on you, US sellers.