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A Diet to Reverse Heart Disease

In the United States, rising health care costs are a substantial problem. As a nation, we spend massive amounts of money to get the best health care available. With all of the money we are spending, it would seem that we should be the healthiest people in the world. Unfortunately this is not the case. As we continue to increase our health care spending, we are only getting sicker.

The primary causes for chronic illnesses such as heart disease and diabetes are biochemical and physiological imbalances. These imbalances are mostly due to the unnatural, processed foods that we are putting in our bodies. As long as we continue to eat the wrong foods, it doesn’t matter how much we spend on health care, we will still be getting sick.

Heart disease is the leading cause of death in the United States. On a global scale, about 452 million people die each year from this condition. The sad fact behind these deaths is that they are mostly preventable. With the proper nutrition, this condition can not only be prevented, but reversed.

Exercise is often extolled as a preventative measure for heart disease. While exercise is very important to health and wellbeing, it is not the most critical factor. Many people who suffer from high cholesterol, obesity, hypertension and diabetes still have these conditions even when they are following a regular program of exercise. The benefits from exercise alone are not sufficient for preventing heart disease, diabetes and the long list of other chronic illnesses that afflict our society.

There has been much emphasis placed on nutrition and its role in prevention. The problem is that there is often a lack of understanding about what constitutes proper nutrition. Counting calories and monitoring fat, protein and carbohydrate intake is not going to prevent heart disease. It’s not just the number of calories, carbohydrates or fat you’re taking in that matter. It comes down to the nature and quality of the food.

A natural, whole foods, plant-based diet has been shown to prevent and reverse heart disease. Experts have written books with extensive scientific evidence showing how animal-based foods contribute to chronic conditions such as heart disease and diabetes. There are many examples of patients who have cured themselves of heart disease simply by eliminating animal products and other unhealthy substances from their diet.

In addition to removing animal products from the diet, it is also important to cut out all unnatural substances. Artificial ingredients and processed foods have chemicals that do a significant amount of damage to the body. A food, such as an apple, that was originally healthy becomes unhealthy after it has been processed into some other product.

When you take out all processed foods and artificial ingredients and abstain from eating animal products, you are left with only the most nutritious foods in your diet. Fresh fruits and vegetables have a high concentration of vitamins, minerals, enzymes and phytochemicals. All of these substances work together harmoniously in ways that modern science still does not completely understand. Our technology cannot surpass the engineering of nature to provide us with the best possible nutrition.

When we as a society learn how to eat for optimal health, we will see drastic reductions in chronic illnesses and their related costs. We do not need to live in fear of heart disease. Once we change our lifestyle and eating habits and follow the proper guidelines for nutrition, we can eliminate this illness and enjoy far greater health.

Information on Toenail Fungus And How To Identify It

Toenail fungus is certainly not an acceptable topic for discussion when you’re eating. What may be surprising is there are many millions who contract this ugly fungal infection. Any type of fungus that grows enough to become an infection should be taken care of promptly. Neglecting to get treatment for the toenail fungus will result in a lot more issues including nail loss. Yes, you can develop toenail fungus on the fingernails, also. However the fungus is typically seen in toenails just because the fungus likes dark and relatively damp surroundings. Toenail fungus also have to be treated because it is contagious not only to others but can spread out in your body.

Some of the first symptoms of toenail fungus is a slight discoloration of the nail. Some people may disregard this because it seems like slightly grimy nails. But remember that this growth is on the nail bed, and attempting to get rid of it won’t be effective. That is a notable thing to bear in mind regarding this condition. In truth, regardless of how hard you persevere, you are not going to be able to bring back the normal appearance of the nail. As the infection grows, then the toenail could possibly turn totally black or brownish in color. The clever thing to do at any point is to make use of an OTC toenail fungus medication or even visit your health care provider.

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You will quickly find yourself having more complications to deal with if you ignore the infection. You’ll discover different kinds of symptoms as things get worse, and some people report having serious toenail thinning. However, in true variability with signs, quite a few people will have their nails become thicker rather than thinner. In any case, the infected toenail will become weaker and can begin breaking off here and there. The outcome will be loss of the nail completely with advanced cases. Another sign as the infection progresses is a somewhat foul odor emitted by the infected nail.

Unfortunately there is a pain element associated with toenail fungus, and the more serious it becomes the more pain there is. This type of fungus usually develops on the nail bed, and that is why the initial signs are beneath the nail. Beneath the nail is so perfect for this fungus because it actually eats the protein, keratin, that is part of the nail itself. Keep in mind that the fungus favors dark places so it can develop well. Some of the more typical causes of toenail fungus can be poor nail hygiene or even constantly wearing shoes that fit too tightly. An odd pH of the skin for a long time may as well add to its development.

Generally, you could stop toenail fungus from developing in the first place by practicing good hygiene and nail care. Since toenail fungus is communicable, then you have to take care in public areas that are wet such as swimming pools and locker rooms at gyms and wellness clubs. But you can easily and quickly take medication orally or apply it directly to the nail.

3 Popular Impetigo Remedies That Work

Out of all the well-known Impetigo remedies that are available, there are 3 that I feel stand out from all the rest and are proven to be the most effective. These home remedies are completely natural, safe and really work. Try them out.

1) Tea Tree Oil

Tea Tree Oil is an anti-bacterial, anti-fungal, anti-viral, and anti-infection oil. It’s been used for years amongst many conditions, but has been known to specifically work for an Impetigo rash. When applied to the skin, it penetrates deep into the layers of the skin with its anti-inflammatory, disinfectant, analgesic (pain killing), and cicatrizant (wound healing) qualities.

Tea Tree Oil also strengthens the body’s immune system, which is often weakened by illness, stress, and even antibiotics and other drugs. The stronger your immune system, the better the chances you will be able to fight off Impetigo.

Out of all the Impetigo remedies, this one is popular because you can use it in a variety of ways.

  • First, you can apply it directly onto the infected skin rash.
  • Second, you can try to add it to a bath or mix it with water, and then dab it onto the infected rash.
  • And finally, you can also consume the oil as an added benefit for your immune system.

2) Colloidal Silver

Colloidal Silver is a natural antibiotic that has been used before prescription antibiotics were created. Colloidal Silver supports the natural defence system of the body and is also very alkaline. It is still a very powerful and effective antibiotic, without the harmful side affects that prescription antibiotics carry. It also has anti-viral and anti-fungal properties, as well as can be used externally or externally. You can apply it directly onto the Impetigo blisters or apply it to water and drink it. You require no more than 1-3 drops per day.

When you use Colloidal Silver, it will kill off bacteria in the body. This has been one of the most popular Impetigo remedies because Impetigo is a bacterial skin infection, and an antibiotic is generally needed to clear it up. I recommend taking probiotics with any antibiotic as well, to restore the good bacteria that you will be killing off.

3) Coconut Oil

The antiseptic fatty acids in Coconut Oil help to prevent and heal bacterial or fungal infections on the skin when consumed or when applied directly onto the skin. Coconut Oil absorbs easily into the skin and and has an immediate antimicrobial affect. When applying Coconut Oil, the Impetigo blisters will be moisturized and begin to scab over faster. Not only that, but Coconut Oil is useful for general skin care and will make the skin smoother than it originally was.

Many people worry about potential scarring from appearing with Impetigo. When you use Coconut Oil, you prevent the chances of that happening. It keeps the skin lubricated and moisturized, so that the skin doesn’t dry out too much and result in scars.

You can purchase all of these Impetigo remedies at your local health foods store and they are relatively inexpensive. Make sure you consult with your doctor before using anything.

Out of all the natural Impetigo remedies that I’ve come across, I can confidently say that these three are by far the most popular and effective. By applying all three of these, you should notice difference in your Impetigo rash within days.

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Maintaining a Healthy Heart: Here Is the Secret

If you are like me, you probably have heard many times that an ounce of prevention is worth a pound of cure. Nowhere is this truer than with regard to taking care of your heart health.

When you think of it, poor heart health is like driving with four bald tires. Sooner or later one of them is going to fail and you are going to be stuck. That’s why preventing heart disease and the effects that come with it are of primary importance.

Preventing heart disease is just like having home owners insurance. Starting from an early age you should be eating a healthy diet filled with Omega 3 fatty acids and avoid all the foods that increase weight and bad cholesterol.
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Besides eating healthy foods, how can I fight bad cholesterol?

According to the studies conducted by the Mayo Clinic in Minnesota, fighting bad cholesterol while promoting a healthy heart can be achieved by eating a diet that includes fish. Fish oil 1000 is a supplement that contains the essential fatty acids DHA and EPA.

Fish oil 1000 refers to the dosage found in a single gel tablet of Omega 3 supplements. According the clinical human studies at Mayo, there is strong evidence to show that while helping to boost the good cholesterol such as HDL, a second benefit is the strong reduction of blood triglyceride levels.

These levels of cholesterol directly correspond to the fat content in the blood and the resulting plaque buildup in the arteries. A simple blood lipid profile will determine if you have excess cholesterol that is a major contributor to poor heart health.

What else can I do to maintain good heart health?

If preventing heart disease through a regimen that includes fish oil 1000 is the primary step you can take for good heart health, than keeping your weight to the proper body mass index is extremely helpful through a thoughtful exercise program.
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Exercising the heart is no different from exercising any mussel in your body. By working up a sweat five times a week, you will go a long way to fighting fat buildup by burning calories. This is part of the battle to maintaining a strong heart.

Exercising at least five times a week for thirty minutes will build up stamina and make you feel like you are achieving something beneficial. In fact, your heart will benefit from the two- step approach of exercise as well as a quality diet. This will take you a long way to preventing heart disease.


Work this new system starting today. Set a time to walk or ride a bike each day. Combine this activity with fish oil 1000 and a diet rich with other Omega 3 fatty acids. Then set an appointment to have a blood panel in order to set your goals.

If you stick to this regimen, in six months you will see a very positive result that will make your heart pump for joy. To your good health!

Medications That Help Bring About Diabetes

For many individuals, it is hard enough trying to fight off the effects of Type 2 diabetes. That is hard enough without having to think about various other medical conditions being treated with certain drugs, increase the odds of developing diabetes. Unfortunately, certain medications which are designed to treat and prevent other medical conditions, actually do have the ability to raise blood sugar levels causing hyperglycemia, leading to a diagnosis of Type 2 diabetes.

One of the main reasons some drugs either bring about the effect of Type 2 diabetes, or the actual disease itself, is because they closely mimic the condition known as insulin resistance, which is present when the body refuses to use insulin in the way it was intended.

There are many different medications that cause weight gain. While this in itself is not a major issue for some, it can be incredibly important for those who are already battling a weight problem. After all, losing weight is hard enough without having to also fight your medication. When a drug causes weight gain, it also brings about all of the complications that arise as a result of that added weight. From an increased risk of heart disease, stroke, high blood pressure, and even Type diabetes, the individual has to now deal with a whole set of new problems.

Diabetes can be created from many different circumstances. Medications may raise sugar levels or they may lower insulin production. They might even lower the effectiveness of insulin.

  • For instance, a classification of medicines called thiazide diuretics, are prescribed to treat several key disorders from different forms of edema to hypertension. They successfully eliminate fluid from the body. At the same time, they also decrease insulin sensitivity while increasing the production of glucose… a bad combination. They have also been proven to release hormones that are known to cause these conditions. All of these together are a recipe for a diagnosis of Type 2 diabetes.
  • Vasodilators are also used to open up blood vessels. They do this by preventing both the narrowing of the walls and the tightening of the wall muscles. But they also unwittingly raise blood sugar levels. This can mean you receive a diagnosis of diabetes.
  • Another class of drugs that can cause problems is corticosteroids. These are commonly prescribed to reduce inflammation. While normal use may not create any negative results, prolonged usage has resulted in people receiving a diagnosis of Type 2 diabetes. Also, consuming them in large quantities has also caused some individuals to develop diabetes, as well.
  • Glucocortocoids also work against inflammation. Some of the most common diseases that they treat are asthma, arthritis and lupus. The also work to increase the likelihood of insulin resistance, a precursor to diabetes.
  • Certain drugs known as immunosuppressants, work to suppress certain activity associated with the body’s immune system. One of their common uses is for skin conditions by suppressing an over-activity in the immune system that can create inflammation. They also happen to decrease insulin from being secreted by the pancreas. Unfortunately, they also happen to be toxic to certain cells within the pancreas that are responsible for actually producing insulin.
  • Many heart patients are given beta blockers as a means of slowing a rapid heart rate. But it has been discovered they also lower insulin levels by blocking the release of insulin from the pancreas. It also has the ability to reduce the sensitivity that insulin has to muscle tissue. When this occurs, hyperglycemia also occurs.
  • Calcium channel blockers, a well-known medication for treating the effects of hypertension, or high blood pressure, also lowers insulin levels.
  • Statins are popular cholesterol-lowering drugs. Many statin users come back to see their doctor for a routine visit and find their cholesterol level may be better, but now they have high blood sugar.

What Legal Issues Regarding Alzheimer’s Will You Be Facing?

So Soon?

Legal issues on Alzheimer’s and Financial Planning come your way before you would notice it. Therefore it’s important to think about when to start arranging these matters when a person has the diagnosis of Alzheimer’s Disease.

Keep in mind that the ability to make proper judgments declines as time goes by. In the early stage of the disease you are very well capable to make the right decisions on all of the financial and legal issues on Alzheimer’s Disease. When you just wait and see what happens, you will be too late to make the necessary arrangements by yourself.

There is a number of issues to deal with. We present the most important ones in this article and advise you to consult someone who is specialized in these matters (especially where legal issues are involved).

Your Signature And Its Legality

In the first stages of Alzheimer’s Disease you are very well capable of making your own decisions on signing official documents and contracts. Even the law (through a legal verdict) endorses this.

How hard it is, you should be aware of the fact that other times will come. Then you’ll no longer be able to independently judge the legal issues because of the progression of Alzheimer’s Disease.

At some point you might be placed under guardianship because you really won’t be able to judge well and to bear all responsibilities. Therefore we advise you to start in time with the very important long term care and disability planning after the diagnosis.

Take Care Of The Future

Starting in time with all arrangements for the time you won’t be able to do this yourself gives you the opportunity to participate in decisions like health care and financial matters, including plans for long-term care. All decisions can be written down and signed by you. Maybe you have to go to a notary to make certain legal records.

Starting in time gives you the opportunity to really make your own decisions and to take care of your loved ones at the moment you aren’t able to by yourself. You can also decide yourself on who to authorize to make decisions on behalf of you.

What Do You Need?

Next to a notary for your will, you may also need an attorney for a number of documents for the period in which others should care for you. As you plan for the future, ask the attorney about the following documents:

Power of Attorney
At the moment you cannot make your own decisions anymore someone or some people need to take care of that. You can write down in a power of attorney who you prefer to take those responsible tasks. It speaks for itself that you have talked about his with these people. In the power of attorney you write down exactly who will be responsible for what issues.

Power of Attorney for Health Care
Like stated before, it is possible to assign different issues in different roles within your power of attorney. There is a good reason to make a separate power of attorney for health care. Whether you appoint the same person from the other issues to also take care for your health care issues or you want to appoint another person for the health care issues isn’t important. In the power of attorney for healthcare you appoint a person to make all decisions regarding health care, including choices regarding health care providers, medical treatment, and, in the later stages of the disease, end-of-life decisions.
Living Will or Advanced Directives
A living will is a legal document to make known your wishes only regarding life prolonging medical treatments.
A living will informs your family and your health care providers about your wishes for medical treatment in the situation you are not able to make these clear by yourself.
In the main, a living will describes what your wishes are concerning certain life prolonging treatments. You declare in this Living Will which treatments you do or do not want to be carried out in the event you either will be in a terminal stage or are in a permanent vegetative state.
A living will only becomes effective when you are incapable to speak out your wishes. In all other situations you can still decide on what treatments you do or don’t want.
A living will is only used when your ultimate recovery is hopeless.
Living Trusts
Under a Living Trust you arrange how another person or a bank, called a trustee, holds legal title to property for you, the beneficiary.
The goal is to carefully invest and manage trust assets once the beneficiary is no longer able to manage finances because of cognitive impairment.
A Will or a Testament
Is a legal document to specify who will inherit your property after you die. Without a will, you will have no say in what happens to your property. To draw up a will you need an experienced wills and trusts lawyer to advise you in all of your estate planning needs.Let People Involved Know About the Documents

Be sure people know about all of these documents. That’s the only way to get these legal issues on Alzheimer’s working at the necessary moment. Your doctor and the person you designate as your health care proxy have to know about them. Speak with your doctor not only about the existence of the documents but also about the content.

Even better if you’ve already talked about the subjects during the drafting of the documents. He or she can help you by answering all questions you have about certain treatments.

Once you’ve decided what it is you do or don’t want, make your wishes known to both your doctor and your family.

Coenzyme Q10 – An Essential Enzyme for Good Health

Ever since its discovery in 1957, the benefits of coenzyme Q10 (CoQ10 or ubiquinone) have been well known. It has been extensively researched and till date more than 5000 studies have been conducted. What is coenzyme Q10? It is a fat soluble compound which is both synthesized by our body as well as absorbed from the food we eat.

Coenzyme Q10 is present in every cell of our body and is essential for mitochondrial synthesis. This is the structure within our cells which convert the nutrients the body receives into energy. This is a critical function of the cells in our body especially for the heart. Since coenzyme Q10 can be synthesized by our body, scientists do not consider it to be a vitamin. We require an adequate intake of vitamin B6 for the body to synthesize coenzyme Q10.

What are the benefits of coenzyme Q10? There are numerous benefits and many of them are crucial for life. As stated above, its function of converting nutrients into energy is one of its life giving benefits, but the list does not end there. It has very good antioxidant properties and this prevents the damage free radicals do to our body. This coenzyme Q10 helps in increasing the oxygen utilization in our bodies. This is akin to turbo charging our bodies.

Research has shown that for adequate functioning our body requires between 3 to 5 milligrams per day of coenzyme Q10. On an average people get approximately 10 milligrams of coenzyme Q10 per day from their diet.

Coenzyme Q10 is mainly found in meat, poultry and fish in non vegetarian food and from vegetarian food such as spinach, soybean oils and nuts. Since vitamin B6 is essential for the body to be able to synthesize coenzyme Q10, foods rich in B6 such as potato in its jacket, bananas, garbanzo beans, chicken, pork, beef, fish etc. should be a part of our daily diet.

The benefits of coenzyme Q10 far outweigh any potential risks. As we get older, the production of coenzyme Q10 in our body decreases and in the heart it can be as much as 72%. This can seriously affect the body. Because of its antioxidant properties it is increasingly being used by doctors in a variety of heart problems including arrhythmia, angina, heart attacks, high BP, congestive heart failure etc. The Medical fraternity has found a useful tool in coenzyme Q10, in their battle against heart problems.

Research has shown that those who suffer from cancer had low levels of coenzyme Q10 in their body. It has also been found that a regimen of coenzyme Q10 supplements helped in strengthening the immune system. In one study, 41 women who had breast cancer were treated with coenzyme Q10. The condition of all 41 women improved. CoQ10 also helps in keeping our gums in good condition. It was also found to have anti-bacterial properties.

The thymus gland, one of the guardians of our immune system, starts deteriorating with age and this can be dramatically reduced using a coenzyme Q10 supplement. Coenzyme Q10 can be used to reduce the insulin requirement is diabetics.
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Since it is fat soluble, we must eat some fat for it to be absorbed. If you are on a fat free diet, taking a little peanut butter will be enough. Since the cholesterol lowering statin drugs have the effect of reducing levels of CoQ10, Doctors give a supplement of CoQ10 to counteract this. With so many benefits of coenzyme Q10, taking a supplement of Q10 is well worth the money.

Diabetic Neuropathy and Your Feet

Diabetes may cause diabetic neuropathy, which is neurological impairment. When somebody has got diabetes they are a lot more inclined to developing foot issues. Diabetic neuropathy can lead you to be less able to feel damage or pressure in the feet. You’ll perhaps not even detect any foot issues until infections or significant damage happens.

Diabetes alters the body’s capability to fight contagions. Injury to the blood vessels, attributable to diabetes, signifies that a reduced level of blood together with oxygen is flowing to ones feet. Because of this, small breaks, cracks or sores on your skin may evolve into skin ulcers. The affected limb may need to be amputated if it turns out the skin ulcers become more prominent or travel deeper into the skin.

To prevent these particular complications, one needs to:

  • Cease smoking, being as how it restricts the flow of blood.
  • Handle their bloodstream glucose levels.
  • Get their feet checked twice a year by their health care provider to find out if they have got any kind of nerve injury.
  • Assess their feet on a daily basis, particularly when they know for sure that they have neural harm.

Daily Foot Care

— Examine the feet and also the toes on a daily basis. Meticulously check the bottoms, sides and tops of the feet and in addition between the toes.

— Wash the feet and toes everyday with tepid water plus a mild soap. Powerful soap may injure the skin.

— Check the water temperature with your elbow or fingers just before positioning your feet in hot water. Thanks to diabetic neuropathy, you might well be not able to notice the water’s warmth, which in turn may bring about burns if it happens to be excessively hot.

— Gently and totally dry your feet, particularly in between the toes as infections may foster in damp areas.

— Ones feet might get very dried up and can even break, possibly bringing about infection. Subsequent to cleansing the feet, soften dried-up skin by making use of lotion, oil, petroleum jelly or lanolin. But, do not place lotion in between the toes.

— Ask your physician if you are able to clip the toenails. If it is okay to do it ask your physician to show the right method of doing it. If your toenails aren’t trimmed properly you may produce a sore or ulcer.

— Bathe the toes in lukewarm water to make the toenails more supple right before trimming.

— Clip the toenail right across, on account of the simple fact that curled toenails can usually come to be ingrown.

— In addition, keep from sitting with the legs crossed as well as standing in the same position for a long time.

Recommendations About Socks and Footwear

— Use footwear frequently to shield your feet from wounds. Due to diabetic neuropathy the capability to feel pain might be diminished, so you might not be conscious of small cuts or chafes.

— Look at the inner linings of the shoes for rough regions or defective places which could cause extra pressure and also irritation.

— Change or maybe briefly remove the footwear around 5 hours after putting them on every day. This practice alters the pressure points during the course of the day.

The style of footwear you make use of is highly important, if you have got diabetes.

  • Use comfy, well-fitted footwear that have satisfactory space on the inside of them. Don’t think of buying shoes which is not going to fit properly, hopeful that the footwear could stretch as time marches on.
  • Diabetic neuropathy can stop you from sensing pressure from wrongly fitted footwear. You could potentially need to have special shoes produced to fit the feet.
  • Wear footwear composed of suede, natural leather or canvas. Do not use shoes made of plastic and any other materials that don’t breathe. By no means wear thong sandals.

You should not wear shoes that has pointed or open toes, for example flip-flops, sandals or high heel shoes.

Socks could give you a further protective layer between the footwear and the feet.

  • Use completely dry and clean socks or maybe nonbinding panty hose each and every day.
  • Never wear stockings that have seams that sometimes may result in pressure points.
  • Use socks in bed if your feet get to be cold. In chilly climates, utilize warm stockings but also minimize your exposure to cold conditions in an attempt to prevent frostbite.

Further Helpful Tips

— Do not use antiseptic items on the feet since they can burn or harm the skin.

— Do not use an electrical heating pad as well as a hot water bottle on your feet. Additionally, stay clear of hot asphalt and also hot sandy beaches.

— Never treat corns or calluses by applying non-prescription remedies. See your foot doctor to address foot concerns.

— If being obese prevents you from physically having the capability in checking out your feet turn to a relative, chum, or health professional to do this critical inspection.

Report all blisters, cuts, skin lesions, sores or regions of redness to your doctor straight away!

Suitable foot care is extremely critical for individuals impacted by diabetic neuropathy because they are at risk to foot complications for instance:

  • Loss of feeling in their feet.
  • Alterations in the shapes of the feet.
  • Foot ulcers or sores that do not mend.

Basic daily foot care can prevent severe consequences.

Cholesterol Free Food Can Reduce the Risk of Heart Attacks

Cholesterol free food should be used in conjunction with exercise to help reduce the risk of heart attacks. One of the biggest fears of people once they approach middle age is the fear of disease, especially heart attacks. While heart attacks have been linked to genetics, they can be managed with proper supplementation and eating healthy. People who have high cholesterol levels are also at high risk of having a heart attack due to the plaque in the arteries that has built up. To combat high cholesterol it is important for people to change their diet to rid themselves of artery clogging foods such as fried foods and any foods that have lots of saturated fats.

Here are some tips on how to change your eating to reduce the risk of a heart attack.

Watch your salads: Uneducated consumers often believe that salads are the best way to go when eating out. Some of these salads contain bacon, high fat dressings and egg yolks that all promote higher cholesterol. The best way to avoid this is to order a salad with no meats and use only fat free and lower sugar dressings. Some of the dressings provided at restaurants have as much fat and calories as if you would order a burger and French fries.

Throw out the yolks: Eggs are often a staple among people who exercise on a regular basis. They have high protein and are easy to blend into different meals. The problem with the egg is the yolk and its high cholesterol content. Eliminating the egg yolk from your eggs or purchasing an all “egg white” supplement at the grocery store can help with this issue.

Hit the health foods aisle: The health foods industry is introducing new products everyday and many of these are aimed at the baby boomers that are entering the senior citizen age group. These companies are offering cholesterol free food alternatives to some of your favorite high cholesterol foods. While these prices are usually higher than the traditional product, they offer a much healthier alternative. Items such as mayonnaise and salad dressings are now offered in healthy versions.

Try some fish: Substituting fish for your normal meat product can go a long way in helping your cholesterol. Choose fresh fish such as salmon and grill it for maximum results. Two servings of fresh fish a week will help you reduce high cholesterol, but also increase your HDL or good cholesterol.

Choosing cholesterol free food is an important step in the fight against heart attacks. With proper supplementation and a switch to your diet the risk of heart attack is greatly decreased. Make sure to check your cholesterol levels yearly and exercise on a regular basis.

Early Signs of Heart Disease: Better Act Quickly

If you are like me, you have probably heard this phrase many times; there are no do over’s in life! For the most part that is correct. There is one area however, where if you are lucky enough to get an early warning; you may get a do over.

I refer to your health, and specifically, your heart health. When you are lucky enough to get what may be the early signs of heart disease, you’d better act quickly or you most likely won’t get another chance.

What are some signs of heart disease?

If you are lucky, your body and specifically your heart are telling you in a variety of ways that “I’m sick and struggling, so help me”. Unless you were born with some sort if genetic heart defect, the most common contributor to heart disease is bad cholesterol.

The most common cause of bad cholesterol is what we eat. When we hear about the early signs of heart disease, or any heart related ailment, it sounds very scary to the layman.

The fact of the matter is, just like a computer; garbage in, garbage out. With our body; it’s a very complex design that needs to be taken care of. Only in the last three decades have we started to hear that proper nutrition is essential to good heart health.

Since your heart is the control center for other essential organs, taking care of the heart through managing cholesterol is of maximum importance to avoid several types of serious illness.

If your heart were a factory and your arteries were the assembly line down which your product ran, than cholesterol is what bottles up the assembly line. LDL and triglycerides represent fat in the blood that restricts blood flow to and from the heart.

Early signs of heart disease include an irregular heart beat; that’s a scary one indeed! Additionally you may feel fatigued more often, have dizzy spells and have troubling breathing.
Other early signs of heart disease or the progression to possible heart attack can include pressure in your chest, in combination with rapid heartbeat. It’s also common to feel pain in your left arm from the shoulder to your hand and in some cases even pain in the jaw.

If I get these warning signs what can I do?

The first thing to do is to see your doctor. They will prescribe some sort of regimen that includes a battery of tests to determine the extent of possible damage based on early signs of heart disease.

If you are reading this and you haven’t experienced any of these signs, you too can benefit from a course of prevention! Everyone, no matter where they are on this life journey should take preventative measures to avoid ever developing heart disease.

The options available to you include finally kicking the smoking habit for good, as this alone hurts your ability to make good cholesterol in the form of HDL. Keeping your body mass index down to where you should be for your height and age, and getting daily exercise.

Just walking to the point of working up a sweat for twenty minutes a day can do wonders to reduce bad cholesterol. Most importantly, it comes down to avoiding soda, sweets, excess animal fat and dairy products. Remember there are substitutes like egg beaters!

Gradually work your way off these foods by replacing them with foods containing Omega 3. Nutrition essential Omega 3 recommendations from any dietitian will include poultry, sea food with fatty acids DHA and EPA, as well as good things like fruit and green vegetables.

It’s amazing how whole grain pasta tastes with tomato sauce. Guess what, there is no difference except that whole grains have a great degree of Omega 3 fatty acid that fights bad cholesterol.

Nutrition essential Omega 3 recommendations also include cold water fish for one simple reason. The oil contained in fish like sardines and salmon is filled with Omega 3 fatty acid that promotes good cholesterol and fights LDL cholesterol.

Omega 3 fatty acid has been clinically proven to help boost the good or HDL cholesterol that is essential for flushing out that LDL from the blood stream. Good heart health depends on a diet rich in Omega 3 fatty acid.


So it comes down to this. Early signs of heart disease can literally be your last wake up call. On the positive side, there are treatments, but the best thing you can ever do is take preventative good heart health measures by increasing your intake of Omega 3 fatty acid, get a moderate amount of exercise every day and stay away from saturated fat. Do this, and you heart will continue to chug along for many more years!

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