Stunted Growth and Celiac Disease

My wife and I are on the smaller side so we didn’t worry too much when the doctor said that my son was very small for his age. He was always in the 5% or lower range for height and weight. That was OK as long as he was growing.

Then around 12 months the doctor was a little concerned. My son was falling off of the growth chart, meaning he wasn’t growing at a normal rate. We were referred to a specialist but had to wait a few months before we could get an appointment. In the mean time, we noticed that my son’s hair seemed to stop growing and his teeth were coming in slowly.
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We did finally get to see a specialist and he rattled off a list of reasons for why my son wasn’t growing normally. They did blood work and took X-rays. One thing that stuck with my wife and I was when the doctor suggested Celiac Disease. We had never heard of it before but it got us thinking.

After a lot of research we changed his diet to a Gluten Free one. After a couple of weeks we started to notice some changes. His Eczema was not as severe. His stools started looking normal. He seemed to have an appetite.

When we got the blood work test results back, they showed he was lacking in nutrients. This just seemed to lead us more to think that Celiac Disease was the reason.

My sons teeth started coming in fast and his hair seemed to grow faster too. Then we noticed he was getting a little chunk on him. My wife and I didn’t realize that he actually used to look sickly but looking back at pictures, it is evident.

We saw the doctor again 3 months later and he was really surprised by the way my son looked. He gained 5 pounds. Although we didn’t get any official Celiac test done, the doc was convinced that Celiac is what caused the stunted growth in my son.

Celiac Disease can be an inconvenience but we were relieved that he didn’t have a more serious issue. If you think your child has some of these symptoms or isn’t growing normally, it doesn’t hurt to try a Gluten Free diet. You won’t see immediate changes so stick with it for awhile.
My wife and I have 2 small children. My youngest has Celiac Disease. We have changed his diet and he is a much happier toddler.
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Not long ago I never knew what Gluten was and never heard of Celiac Disease. We had seen a growth specialist because my son had fallen off of the growth chart at about 12 months old. When the doctor suggested Celiac as a possible reason, we started researching the disease.


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