With Asthma What Are Your Options

When you have been properly diagnosed by a doctor who tells you that you have “Asthma” you will be given many different options. Realize that the doctor will give you options that are in your best interest but understand that there are many options that he will not share with you. Take for example a hard working doctor. He has only so many options to give you given his guide lines that he must abide by. These options that this doctor has have everything to do with prescription drugs that come with a long list of side effects. He will prescribe one that he thinks is right for your condition, the type of condition he has found when he tested you, whether it is severe or moderate.

You can choose to have a doctor that practices holistic medicine. He has a lot of options as well, but what he may recommend to you may be completely different from the other doctor because he will invite you to look at natural options. These options most of the time, come with zero side effects and can have a far more desired outcome. That outcome can be a full remission of your asthma. I do believe that prescription drugs help control your symptoms but you are wise to find something that can eliminate your symptoms all together. Being in the health and wellness industry, I have learned that using all natural products has a much greater chance of overcoming your asthma, rather than taking prescription drugs which only treat the symptoms.

Since asthma cases are on the rise and there seems to be no stopping it, let’s take a good look at how you can prevent asthma or eliminate it once you do have it. The number of children suffering from asthma is growing every year and that uptrend might not stop. There was an increase from 1982 to 1994 that showed asthma had risen 60%! That’s a staggering number. What that number shows is that asthma increases every year no matter what we try to do to prevent it. There are many “guesses” on what causes asthma but some people seem to agree that as our world becomes more polluted, our bodies become more polluted as well. Pollution plays a huge role in our health today. I believe that if we were able to remove the pollution and toxins from our bodies, we will have a fighting chance of overcoming diseases like asthma.

Here is an option I think is in your best interest, at least think about it. Remove the toxins from your body and give your body an all natural option with zero side effects. If your body doesn’t have to battle the toxins, your body can concentrate on the real problems like fixing itself. There is but only one cure for a thing that adversely affect the body in this world and that is your body itself. It was designed to heal itself and overcome many things. If your toxic burden becomes too much, your body can’t fight off disease and illness. Illness can only survive in an acidic body. If your body is alkaline, in that state disease and other types of disease can’t flourish, they need an acidic atmosphere to grow and spread.

We live in a toxic world full of pollution and widespread diseases. It will not be going away anytime soon. Our best line of defense is to defend our bodies against the onslaught of toxic pollution and chemicals that can be absorbed into our skin and overtime will be stored were they can cause problems. Find a natural way to help your body take care of itself. You have only one body, so do your best to make sure you live a long life free of the diseases. So what are your options? Get on prescription drugs that only mask the symptoms but don’t really get to the root of the cause, only to leave you with a greater toxic burden. Find a holistic doctor and have them help you with natural products that don’t burden you with side effects. You can find a way to remove the toxins from your body and give it a greater chance to overcome all that comes its way.


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