Peripheral Artery Disease

If you have Peripheral Artery Disease (PAD), chances are you have asked your doctor if there is a cure for PAD, and your doctor’s answer was no. The fact is, there is a simple, safe cure for PAD, but your doctor probably doesn’t know about it.

The reason your doctor is not aware that there is a cure is because no effort has ever been made by the mainstream medical community to find a cure or consider the possibility that there may be a natural cure. Why? They simply don’t want to!

Peripheral Artery Disease generates enormous income for doctors, hospitals, and the drug industry that amounts to many billions of dollars each year. Why would they want to do anything that would interfere with that income?

Think about the options that you have been given to treat the disease. They prescribe drugs that have little or no effect, and surgeries that only treat the symptoms, and offer only temporary relief. It is well-known that surgeries are the juicy cash cows for doctors and hospitals. Starting with angioplasty, stents, arterial bypasses, and arterial reaming, right down to the big one, amputation.

Even if your doctor is caring, and knows about the simple cure for Peripheral Artery Disease, he or she won’t tell you about it. Medical doctors must abide by the strict rules dictated by the medical establishment. Any attempt to prescribe treatment outside of the accepted profit motivated procedures to treat the disease can cause a doctor to lose his or her license to practice medicine.

It’s all about the money. There is no incentive to do the research to find a cure for Peripheral Artery Disease. Because the cure involves natural medicine, the drug industry won’t fund the research. Natural medicine can’t be patented, and there would be no money to be made competing with products that can be found in any health food store.

The medical community is not interested in doing the research to find a cure because surgeries that attempt to treat PAD problems represent a significant portion of the income that doctors and hospitals receive. Finding a cure would kill the goose that lays the golden eggs.

Sadly, because the powers that be care more about the profits that Peripheral Artery Disease sufferers generate for them then healing their disease, they look the other way and disregard the painful suffering their patients have to endure.

It’s ironic, but it is not necessary to be a medical professional to cure PAD. Anyone who has the disease can cure it himself or herself without their doctor’s assistance. It’s a common sense cure that any laymen can understand and apply in the comfort of their own home.

What Causes Peripheral Artery Disease?

To put it simply, a centralized blockage restricts or cuts off blood flow to the arteries and veins in the lower extremities. Without adequate blood flow, the arteries and veins become impacted, and stagnate.

How To Cure Peripheral Artery Disease

Perform four non-stressful simple artery-stretching exercises that target the areas in the body where blockages occur, and add specific, healthy natural food ingredients to your diet that naturally dissolve the sludge and plaque in your veins and arteries. Simply walking or doing normal exercising has no effect on removing centralized blockages.


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