Your Antiinflammatory Diet

The Life-Threatening Dangers of Inflammation

Medical science has begun to realize that inflammation is a secret killer. While long associated with certain serious and/or chronic ailments, such as such as arthritis or appendicitis, in recent years research has shown that certain other conditions, such as some forms of cancer, cardiovascular disease, Alzheimer’s and other degenerative conditions are linked to inflammation. In fact, they may actually be triggered (in part) by it, and they certainly are not improved by it.

The scary thing is how pervasive inflammation is, and how few doctors (not to mention laymen) are aware of the problem or even know what to look for. Fortunately, Nopalea juice is a powerful, proven, effective way of dealing with inflammation issues. More below.

Toxins on the Attack!

As the body’s tissues are attacked by the endless variety of toxins in the environment today, damage to cells takes place. While oxidation is a normal process of cell function, toxins cause “over-oxidation” and the formation of free radicals – chemicals that not only cause damage, but which also create a chain reaction of damage across many bodily systems. Inflammation is the body’s natural defense against free radicals.

With our bodies under such tremendous stress every day, resulting in so many free radicals our body’s cannot effectively fight them, too much inflammation results. For some – like those who suffer from allergies, breathing problems, muscle and joint pain, digestive disorders and the like – it may already be a cause of ongoing problems. Fortunately, Nopalea juice has been shown to help control, reduce and even alleviate these problems simply and naturally.

The Silent Epidemic of Inflammation – and You!

Barry Sears, MD, of The Zone diet fame, has called inflammation nothing less than a “silent epidemic” that is found throughout people in every walk of life. It has been shown to trigger chronic disease over time. “You could feel fine but have high levels of inflammation,” he says. This reality is something every person needs to be aware of, because eventually the body can no longer deal with the all the stresses caused by or exacerbated by the inflammation. When this happen, illness results.

Inflammation can cause everything from relatively mild symptoms like fatigue, malaise, discomfort and pain, to full blown health crises and serious ailments. Many people with “unspecified” health problems may actually be suffering from some kind of inflammation. Remember, most doctors are not trained to look for inflammation as a root cause of kinds of sickness – indeed, they’re not even aware of it!

Antiinflammatory Diet and Inflammation Control

Many doctors, nutritionists and healthy living experts believe in eating a fruit and vegetable-rich diet as a means of controlling (or at least helping to control) inflammation. This is where Nopalea juice comes in. Because despite the fact millions of people are “eating healthier” these days, chronic inflammation and it’s related problems and health concerns persist. In fact, some experts believe that as research moves forward, more and more ailments will be linked to inflammation, and more inflammation itself will be found.

If you are suffering any of these symptoms without diagnosis or relief, it may be wise to consider the possibility that you are suffering from chronic inflammation. Consult with someone who is knowledgeable on these issues, and carefully consider treatments and healing options. Start with an anti-inflammtory diet immediately, and carefully monitor your progress (or lack thereof). Remember, inflammation can literally kill. It’s really important to get it under control.

An Antiinflammatory Diet Isn’t Enough: Why You Need Nopalea Juice

Unfortunately, diet alone is not sufficient to get inflammation under control in many cases. The proof is in the evidence. Despite better eating (and billions spent on various medications), many people who suffer from inflammation and all it’s related problems aren’t getting better.

What is needed is not only a proper antiinflammatory diet, but other simple, effective ways of fighting this problem. As a result, millions of people today consume antioxidant supplements (such as grape seed extract) and use various herbal and natural remedies for detoxification. These are known to help reduce inflammation, and they form the powerful basis of Nopalea juice.

In fact, there is a class of special nutrients called betalains – found in a very special few plants such as the nopal cactus – that are the most powerful class of antioxidants known to man. Betalains directly help relieve inflamed cells by restoring them and making them stronger. They also aid the body in purging toxins and disposing of damaged tissue (dead cells) safely.

Nopalea Juice May Be the Perfect Antiinflammatory Answer

A precious few products are made from these betalain-containing plants. One of them is TriVita’s revolutionary health and wellness supplement called Nopalea juice. This is a delicious fruit-flavored drink, made under an exclusive process using sustainable farming techniques, from the nopal cactus and other 100% natural ingredients. It is super-rich in betalains, and protects and rejuvenates the body by helping to:

  • Reduce and Control Inflammation
  • Detoxify and Reduce Toxification
  • Relieve Inflammation-related Pain
  • Alleviate Allergy Symptoms and Promote Better Breathing
  • Reduce Swelling in Joint, Muscles and Other Tissues
  • Achieve Optimal Cellular Health
  • Stave Off Premature Aging

If you suffer from inflammation and/or it’s related problems, consider adding Nopalea juice to your antiinflammatory diet regimen. This is a great way, in our toxified environment, to prevent the underlying causes and symptoms of inflammation from occurring.


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