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Exacerbation Recovery and Temperature


Table 1 shows the patient characteristics of the 307 patients with COPD. There were 100 (32.9%) active smokers at recruitment; 303 had a history of smoking, with a mean consumption of 50.5 pack years (SD, 35.9). Also, 262 patients (86.5%) were taking a median dose of 1,000 mg of beclomethasone equivalents (IQR, 500-1,000) of inhaled steroids; 41 patients (13.3%) were not taking inhaled steroids, and the dosage was unknown for four patients Viagra Generic. The patients recorded diary card data for 1,037 patient years and experienced 2,606 exacerbations, a median of 2.13 per patient per year (IQR, 0.94-3.32). Of these, 676 exacerbations were experienced by 212 patients in the warm seasons, and 1,052 exacerbations by 251 patients in the cold seasons: 197 patients experienced exacerbations in both seasons, and outside of the two seasons, 878 exacerbations were experienced.

Table 1—Characteristics of the 307 Patients

Characteristic Value
Age y 68.1 (8.4)
FEVp L 1.12 (0.46)
FEVP % predicted 44.4 (16.1)
FVC, L 2.51 (0.83)
FEV/FVC 0.45 (0.12)
Smoking, pack y 50.5 (35.9)
Time in study, median, (IQR), d 1,021 (631-1,576)
Exacerbations, median, (IQR), No. 6(2-12)
Exacerbations per year 2.13 (0.94-3.32)
Male, No. (%) 196 (63.8)
Chronic sputum, No. (%) 158 (51.6)
Current smoking, No. (%) 100 (32.9)

Data are given as mean (SD) unless otherwise indicated. Smoking history missing for four patients at recruitment. IQR = interquartile range Canadian Health and Care online –.

Patients were under observation in summer for a median 352 days (IQR, 224-523) and in winter for a median 338 days (IQR, 222-525).

There were 55.6% more exacerbations in the cold seasons compared with the warm seasons. The average temperature in the warm seasons was 16.7°C (range, 6.4 to 28.2), and in the cold seasons, 6.6°C (range, —3.5 to 15.6).

Exacerbation Recovery and Temperature

The median recovery time from all symptoms in the warm seasons was shorter at 9 days (IQR, 5-16; n = 595) compared with 10 days in the cold seasons (IQR, 6-19; n = 892; P = .005).

About Asthma

What could be fun about asthma? Finding it hard to breathe is certainly nothing to laugh at. Perhaps you feel offended or even shocked by our putting together “fun” and “asthma.” Asthma is a life-threatening and debilitating disease, and we do not mean to trivialize its importance. However, we have found that the FUN approach can be a powerful and effective antidote. And in light of this we have chosen it as the foundation of our mindbody healing system.


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Fun is a way of life; it’s light and lighthearted. It’s the opposite of heavy and serious. Fun is the attitude that Norman Cousins, author of Anatomy of an Illness, used to heal himself of a disease that his doctors had said was irreversible. Fun is embodied in our having a sense of humor about life’s disappointments, our losses, our pain, our errors, ourselves. Fun is a natural, organic part of life that many of us have forgotten. Except for children. For kids even crossing the street, going to the grocery store, or eating an ice cream cone can be fun. As adults we tend to lose this natural sense of enjoyment. Our fun depends on our circumstances. When our lives become painful, we tend to hold onto the pain and embody it. We feel tense, stressed out, overburdened. Our response is to tighten our muscles, to forgo smiles and laughter, to take life very seriously. And eventually this manifests as illness.

Fun, humor, and laughter provide the freedom from seriousness that is essential to living asthma free. The symptoms of asthma are the opposite of fun in every way. Instead of opening you up, loosening the muscles, relaxing you, asthma narrows you down, constricts, stresses you out. Joy opens the heart and the lungs, just as fear and rancor close and block them. Fun, humor, laughter, and joy create a pause in our suffering, transform it, and give us the room to relax and to breathe. Your Committee members will deny this to their last breath, but even in the throes of an asthma attack, shifting your perspective, taking time out from the debilitating beliefs you hold about what may happen, and smiling instead of frowning can relax your facial, neck, chest, back, and stomach muscles. This allows you to break the cycle of tension and fear and, in turn, can relieve the symptoms. Do we mean that you should ignore your symptoms as you gasp for breath? Of course not. What it does mean is that you take time out to see the asthma in a new light, one in which you set aside your prejudices and preconceived ideas about illness.

Remedy News: Aging

You eat bread, without thinking about its attitude toward your will; drink water without being aware of the attitude – toward life, as well as toward your heart. While drinking water and cooling yourself down, say in yourself: “In the way water cools, let, in the same way, my feelings cool down and refresh the tired and thirsty traveler.’’ If you pronounce these words every day, your heart will renovate. This is one of the methods, which Nature uses for rejuvenating humans and raising their spirits.

Retain neither yours, nor somebody else’s mistakes in your mind – this is a method for rejuvenation.

Do not hold somebody else’s mistakes in yourself for a long time, because you will catch the same mistakes.

One gets younger while he is smiling. One, who studies God’s truth, does not get older.

If you can read the Old and New Testaments 99 times, you will rejuvenate.

There are lots of ways for rejuvenating. Stand up early in the morning, grab the lobe of the ear. Then massage the bone behind the ear. Do this every morning.

Fasting is used for renovating of the body. It is a method of rejuvenation. After the fasting, eat as long as it is possible uniform food, which requires less effort for digestion, in order appetite not to be stirred, in order lungs to be able to develop and you to take in more prana from the air and water and take out more juices from food than now.

If you want to rejuvenate, make the following experiment. If you are at the age of 50 or 60, every night when you go to bed, say to yourself that tomorrow you will be 5 years younger than you are today. Make this experiment for a week. If you have managed to put that thought in your subconscious, at the end of the week, you will really be 5 years younger. Do so for several weeks until you get younger and even reach the age of 25.

In the course of 5 years at most one can rejuvenate. To achieve this, he must make the following experiment: every night, when he goes to bed, let him say that in the morning he will find a black hair on his head. On the next day he shall do the same. And indeed, every morning he is going to find one black hair more. Day after day his hairs will get black, until one morning, when he will see that his whole hair has become black. This depends on the strength of his mind and his faith.

Love is the one that supports life. If one loses Love, he is slowly dying.

People die from lovelessness. If there is no one to love somebody, he soon dies.

Dying is nothing else, but taking off old clothes and dressing of new ones. It is impossible for somebody always to have new and good clothing, which is always clean.

If one loses half of his weight, dies. When the balance between the powers of the heart and the powers of mind is broken, then death comes.

Death is a tax-gatherer, who serves the karmic spirits. These spirits are also called guards. They are present at anyone’s dying and argue on his soul.

It is defined for everybody from what he will die and when he will die.

When a man dies, he leaves everything on Earth. The only thing, which he takes with him, is the capital deposited in his brain. When a person is dying, his soul stays next to his head, waiting for his last breath, in order to take this capital immediately.

During the entire life it has been working on it, has been turning the lower into higher, has organized it and now it comes down to take it. It takes only the essence of the brain.