Omega 3 Treatment For Inflammation

If you are considering an omega 3 treatment for inflammation, then this has proven to be a very effective weapon against arthritis as well as inflammation in the body which can lead to a premature stroke.

These omega 3 fatty acids are the good polyunsaturated fats we all need to get more of. The best source is fatty fish as these have the strongest concentration of the two main fats, DHA and EPA.

Of the two fats, DHA has powerful anti-inflammatory properties when it is converted by the body and helps to reduce your risk of disease.

Omega 3 treatment for inflammation like arthritis provides a welcome and highly effective alternative to the overused NSAIDs like ibuprofen. In studies they have shown to be at least as effective as these drugs, but without the side effects.

Some people are able to significantly reduce the amount of drugs they use when they add daily omega 3 oils to their routine. They had less pain, increased movement and improved mobility.

In fact, quality fish oils offer many other important benefits too like enhanced brain health and mental well-being, stronger immune system (as opposed to a weaker one with NSAIDs), improved cardiovascular health and much more besides.

Treating any condition naturally gives you a healthy and sustainable way of staying in better shape in the future, as they work with your body and not against it.

To select the very best oils for the maximum benefits, there are a couple of things to look for.

As you can see, DHA plays a major role in relieving the symptoms of arthritis and other joint problems. Look for at least 28% of this fat in each capsule or you will be robbed of the benefits.

The other important point is molecular distillation. This is where the toxins like mercury and lead are removed from the oil to leave it safe and pure. If your body has to eliminate toxins, it is working harder and many benefits are lost.

For the maximum anti-inflammatory properties, a blend of hoki oil from New Zealand and tuna oil from the South Pacific gives you more than twice the amount of any other type of oil.

Use these tips to get the most effective omega 3 treatment for inflammation possible, and help to reduce the symptoms naturally and for good.

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