Non-Invasive Cyberknife Treatment for Hemangioblastoma

Did you know that there is a non-invasive treatment for tumors? For instance, the Cyberknife treatment can cure a hemangioblastoma. There is no need for anesthesia because there is no open surgery needed.

For you to better understand the treatment, you must first understand the disease. There are many kinds of brain tumors and hemangioblastoma is one of them. A hemangioblastoma, also known as capillary hemangioblastoma, is a kind of tumor that occurs in the central nervous system. However, it may also occur in the spine and retina. It is classified as grade one tumor. It comes from the vascular system. Usually, middle aged people suffer from hemangioblastoma.

Some of the common symptoms of hemangioblastoma are neurologic. There may also be intracranial pressure. This is the pressure within the skull cavity. It is caused by the obstruction of the cerebrospinal fluid.

Like other kinds of tumors, diagnosing hemangioblastoma as early as possible is important. It can be diagnosed through computed tomography or CT scan. Some x-rays of the brain will be combined and will be examined cross sectional. A hemangioblastoma will be shown as a black region with a white lump on the wall in the cerebellum.

The best and most frequently used treatment for a hemangioblastoma before is a surgical excision. It is a surgical procedure so the patient needs to spend for the operating facility, anesthesia, etc. However, the result of the surgical excision is not guaranteed. Sometimes, the tumors or more of them may develop. Surgical extraction of the hemangioblastoma is also a good option before. In the 1980s, a company started to develop a cure for tumor and cancer. Nowadays, people with a hemangioblastoma have the option to undergo non-surgical and non-invasive treatment.

If you are one of the people who are suffering from hemangioblastoma, a Cyberknife treatment for hemangioblastoma is the one you should prefer. This treatment does not involve any scalpel or any needle. It is not surgical so there would be no scars. Since the Cyberknife treatment for hemangioblastoma is non-invasive, the patient will not feel any pain. Basically, there is no need for anesthesia which is really expensive nowadays. The patient can actually live his usual life the next day. In addition, Cyberknife treatment, being a non-surgical treatment, will never cause the patient to lose blood. This treatment is safe and risk free especially that patients who undergo surgeries are prone to experience blood loss. The patients are also safe from infections and other complications that are normal with surgical procedures.


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