Right Cold Sore Treatment

Although cold sores are certainly something that has been known to happen to everyone, what happens if you do not find the right cold sore treatment option for you? What happens if you do leave the disease unattended? Well, we are going to explore some treatment options as well as make sure that you know some natural treatments that work for you.

herpes simplex

Cold sores are something that can transmit from birth and even through your genes. A lot of people do not realize that if their parents are actually a carrier of the herpes virus, their children might be. So if you get the disease, just know that your parents probably had them. Typically, it takes up to fourteen for a cold sore to heal, so keep that in mind if you do want to think about not treating the disease.

Whenever you have a cold sore, you want to make sure that you steer clear of close contact. This includes kissing and allowing someone to drink after you. That way, the herpes does not spread to other people, especially if you are not doing any treatment on the disease at all, which is not recommended.

Drinking a lot of water and also ensuring that you keep yourself hydrated is a fantastic way to ensure that the disease healing time is cut down, almost by half. Not just water is acceptable though, you can drink fruit juice as well.

Teabags are another great treatment that works wonders for keeping the swelling and the inflammation down. Just placing a teabag right on the cold sore is a great treatment for it, however, keep in mind that this treatment does not heal it but it can halt the virus from spreading all over.

Finally, Witch Hazel is another herb that is going to work fantastic on the disease. It brings down a lot of the inflammation and witch hazel is actually an herb that has been used a lot in North America, where it grows. It has been used to treat many different illnesses and certainly can help treat you cold sores.


The last treatment option that we are going to discuss is using the gel from an aloe vera plant. This gel has been known to treat sunburns but is actually really good for cold sores as well. Now, keep these treatments in mind whenever you have the disease, that way you can make sure that the virus does not spread, as it can when you leave it untreated.

Read through my article to discover more on the infection and all the natural treatment that will help to control the symptoms and cure it!


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