Effects of Lyme Disease Rash

Borrelia burdorferi is the bacteria carried by ticks from mice and deer which are then transmitted to the victim through bites which cause rashes. Lyme disease is not only possible for humans but to domestic pets as well commonly the dogs and the cats. Common habitats for ticks are shrubs and grass. They will attach to the host animal when it passes. They are very tiny that it you can’t almost see it with your naked eye.

The coastal areas in the pacific have the most cases of this disease throughout United States. Other areas include the upper Midwest and Northeast. Deer ticks are very common in these places though this disease is also present all over the country. However, there are reported cases of people experiencing this disease in other regions like Europe, Asia and Canada.

The skin is affected since Lyme disease rash is one of the signs of the disease but it can also affect joins, the nervous system as well as the different organs of the body. The severity varies from one person to another. There are three stages but it can also change among affected people. There are different reactions caused by this disease. The very first symptom is usually Lyme disease rash. Its characteristics are circular with a clear center spot with a red margin. It is warm to touch and commonly not itchy nor painful. For people with dark skin pigments, the rash will also appear darker mimicking the appearance of a bruise. The rash normally disappears in a month.
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There are instances when affected people does not have Lyme disease rash and for cases like this, the disease will progress to the second stage. Some have rash but will also experience fatigue, fever, headache and painful muscle which is collectively mistaken for flu.

If ignored, it may disappear through time but it is possible that the infection may spread to the rest of the body. It will take three weeks from the day the person got the tick bite with rashes or none. There are cases where the classic characteristics of Lyme disease rash will not show. It does not matter if you got the rash or not. What is important is that you have to see your doctor if you feel that you have flu for days just to be sure that it is not Lyme disease because in the event that you have it, you can be treated immediately.


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