Maintaining a Healthy Heart: Here Is the Secret

If you are like me, you probably have heard many times that an ounce of prevention is worth a pound of cure. Nowhere is this truer than with regard to taking care of your heart health.

When you think of it, poor heart health is like driving with four bald tires. Sooner or later one of them is going to fail and you are going to be stuck. That’s why preventing heart disease and the effects that come with it are of primary importance.

Preventing heart disease is just like having home owners insurance. Starting from an early age you should be eating a healthy diet filled with Omega 3 fatty acids and avoid all the foods that increase weight and bad cholesterol.
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Besides eating healthy foods, how can I fight bad cholesterol?

According to the studies conducted by the Mayo Clinic in Minnesota, fighting bad cholesterol while promoting a healthy heart can be achieved by eating a diet that includes fish. Fish oil 1000 is a supplement that contains the essential fatty acids DHA and EPA.

Fish oil 1000 refers to the dosage found in a single gel tablet of Omega 3 supplements. According the clinical human studies at Mayo, there is strong evidence to show that while helping to boost the good cholesterol such as HDL, a second benefit is the strong reduction of blood triglyceride levels.

These levels of cholesterol directly correspond to the fat content in the blood and the resulting plaque buildup in the arteries. A simple blood lipid profile will determine if you have excess cholesterol that is a major contributor to poor heart health.

What else can I do to maintain good heart health?

If preventing heart disease through a regimen that includes fish oil 1000 is the primary step you can take for good heart health, than keeping your weight to the proper body mass index is extremely helpful through a thoughtful exercise program.
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Exercising the heart is no different from exercising any mussel in your body. By working up a sweat five times a week, you will go a long way to fighting fat buildup by burning calories. This is part of the battle to maintaining a strong heart.

Exercising at least five times a week for thirty minutes will build up stamina and make you feel like you are achieving something beneficial. In fact, your heart will benefit from the two- step approach of exercise as well as a quality diet. This will take you a long way to preventing heart disease.


Work this new system starting today. Set a time to walk or ride a bike each day. Combine this activity with fish oil 1000 and a diet rich with other Omega 3 fatty acids. Then set an appointment to have a blood panel in order to set your goals.

If you stick to this regimen, in six months you will see a very positive result that will make your heart pump for joy. To your good health!


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