Bug Bites: Conditions and Treatment

Most insect or bug bites bring about itching, irritation, redness and swelling. Bug bites are often simple and can be healed at home. Bug bites become dangerous brought by allergic reaction and usually this occurs due to insect sting. The main symptom of the bite of a bug is swelling and this is can be causes by wasps, bees, fleas and mosquitoes.

Insect sting is even more dangerous than insect bites. Usually, insects sting humans and other animals because they are threatened. Honey bees are one of the insect species that sting humans although they die after they stung someone. Stingers of the honey bees and the venom sac are left in the skin of the humans and its venom flows to the blood stream leading to redness, swelling and pain. However, wasps and hornet stings are different, for they do not leave their stingers in the skin. This increases the chance of the victim to get stung a couple of times and the venom can spread as far as 12 inches from the bite causing a large area of the body to swell. There are people who are allergic to insect stings, thus, if they got stung, their entire body may get inflamed.
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For non venomous insects, their bites usually cause itching and irritation. This happens because of the substance they secrete through their salivary glands when sucking blood. Bug bites and insect bites are often localized and do not usually spread. These kinds of bites are not severe and don’t need any treatment for they disappear after one to two days.

Swelling is the common result of sting and sometimes can cause serious problems to people allergic to it. A sting on the lip, mouth or eyes of a person allergic to sting may cause anaphylaxis, an allergic condition resulting to the patient’s difficulty in breathing. Another allergic reaction where the patient’s entire body swells is angioedema. In this state the patient also finds it hard to speak or swallow.

If symptoms of anaphylaxis already arise, seek medical help right away. Revive the patient with mouth to mouth resuscitation if he is already losing consciousness. At the same time loosen everything he is wearing and take off all his jewelries for this might cause cuts on the swollen area. For normal bug bites, cold or ice compress will do as well as applying soothing cream or gel to lessen the swelling.

Prevention is better than cure as they always say. Thus, it is best to prevent than suffering the pain of insect and bug bites. Use insect repellents to avoid getting bitten by insects while sleeping and cover your whole body when passing or going to places that are full of wasps.


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