Cholesterol Free Food Can Reduce the Risk of Heart Attacks

Cholesterol free food should be used in conjunction with exercise to help reduce the risk of heart attacks. One of the biggest fears of people once they approach middle age is the fear of disease, especially heart attacks. While heart attacks have been linked to genetics, they can be managed with proper supplementation and eating healthy. People who have high cholesterol levels are also at high risk of having a heart attack due to the plaque in the arteries that has built up. To combat high cholesterol it is important for people to change their diet to rid themselves of artery clogging foods such as fried foods and any foods that have lots of saturated fats.

Here are some tips on how to change your eating to reduce the risk of a heart attack.

Watch your salads: Uneducated consumers often believe that salads are the best way to go when eating out. Some of these salads contain bacon, high fat dressings and egg yolks that all promote higher cholesterol. The best way to avoid this is to order a salad with no meats and use only fat free and lower sugar dressings. Some of the dressings provided at restaurants have as much fat and calories as if you would order a burger and French fries.

Throw out the yolks: Eggs are often a staple among people who exercise on a regular basis. They have high protein and are easy to blend into different meals. The problem with the egg is the yolk and its high cholesterol content. Eliminating the egg yolk from your eggs or purchasing an all “egg white” supplement at the grocery store can help with this issue.

Hit the health foods aisle: The health foods industry is introducing new products everyday and many of these are aimed at the baby boomers that are entering the senior citizen age group. These companies are offering cholesterol free food alternatives to some of your favorite high cholesterol foods. While these prices are usually higher than the traditional product, they offer a much healthier alternative. Items such as mayonnaise and salad dressings are now offered in healthy versions.

Try some fish: Substituting fish for your normal meat product can go a long way in helping your cholesterol. Choose fresh fish such as salmon and grill it for maximum results. Two servings of fresh fish a week will help you reduce high cholesterol, but also increase your HDL or good cholesterol.

Choosing cholesterol free food is an important step in the fight against heart attacks. With proper supplementation and a switch to your diet the risk of heart attack is greatly decreased. Make sure to check your cholesterol levels yearly and exercise on a regular basis.


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