The Best Remedy For Head Lice

Aside from the other methods for getting rid of head lice discussed on this website there is a single best remedy for head lice. This is of course, prevention. To never get head lice in the first place. This may sound easy, but it can prove to be extremely difficult. Hundreds of millions of people get lice every single year all over the globe. The majority of the people who get pediculosis, head lice infestation, are children between the ages of three and ten, but people of all ages can easily get it.

The most important step in preventing a head lice infestation is simply to look for it. Examining a child’s hair at regular intervals with a louse comb will allow you to spot a infestation of lice in the early stages. Like most diseases, spotting an infestation early makes treatment significantly easier and lowers the chances of your child spreading the infestation greatly. If you do spot a infestation on your child’s head you should also contact the school and any other social groups he or she might be a member of. It is likely that they picked it up at one of these locations. In areas where lice infestations are common a weekly examination of your child should suffice. This may still be a good idea even when the child is older, perhaps even to the ages of thirteen to fifteen. Additional examinations should be performed if you are aware your child has come in contact with an individual who is infested, if the child frequently scratches their head, or if you suddenly notice nits appearing in their hair.

Other ways to prevent pediculosis is to keep a child’s long hair as tidy as possible. If it is socially acceptable and will not cause psychological damage tot he child, completely shaving or keeping their hair very short will go a long way. This is not suggested for young girls, but a ‘buzz cut’ is very common for young boys especially during the warmer months.

Another great method for keeping your child lice free is to put concentrated rosemary oil in their hair every single day. Two to four drops should be plenty. These can be combed into the hair with a regular brush or comb.

It is also important to disinfect items that may have come into contact with an infested individual. This includes bedding, clothing, and personal items like hats. This can be done easily by leaving the items outside for two to four days, or by putting them in the dryer for a short period of time. If you do not own a dryer you can wash the items in hot water (140 degrees F) and let them air dry. An insecticidal treatment for furniture and other parts of the house will not be necessary. Always remember, the best remedy for head lice is prevention!


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