The Harmful Collocations of Foods

Nowadays, more and more people pay great attention to the health care. They want to defer the aging and keep themselves healthy to the full extent. People think that they can be healthy if they always eat the nutritional foods in everyday life. In fact, this view is not proper. The wrong collocations of nutritional foods can also seriously endanger the human health.

The first wrong collocation is composed of seafood and beer. Seafood usually contains purine and orsellinic acid, while beer contains vitamin B1 which can decompose the two kinds of substances contained in seafood. If people drink beer when they are eating seafood, the toxic substances can be integrated inside the human body to increase the content of uric acid in the blood so as to cause the lithangiuria. If the metabolism is not good, people can even get gout and gouty arthritis.

The second improper food group is composed of ham and lactic acid beverage. People like to eat ham with lactic acid beverages together, which is very dangerous. The nitrate contained in ham can be integrated with organic acid contained in beverages to produce nitrosamine, a kind of carcinogenic substance. Therefore, people should get rid of this eating way to decrease the risk of getting cancer.

The third wrong collocation is composed of radish and orange. Radish can produce a kind of substance called “thiocyanic acid” which can resist the thyroid gland. The flavonoid contained in fruits like orange can be transformed into thiocyanic acid to restrain the normal functions of thyroid gland after the decomposition of bacteria in the intestinal tract. Then goiter can be caused.

The fourth wrong food group includes milk and chocolate. Milk contains abundant protein and calcium, and chocolate contains oxalic acid. When people eat these two kinds of food together, calcium contained in milk can be integrated with oxalic acid to produce calcium oxalate which can not be dissolved in water. Calcium oxalate can not be absorbed by the human body and the symptoms like diarrhea can be caused to affect the normal growth.

The fifth unhealthy food group includes spinach and bean curd. Bean curd contains magnesium chloride and calcium sulfate, and spinach contains oxalic acid. The intake of spinach and bean curd can cause the production of magnesium oxalate and calcium oxalate. These two kinds of products can not be absorbed by the human body. The absorption of calcium can be affected and calculus can be easily caused.


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