A Diet For Candida

The candida yeast fungi can affect the body in many ways, if they are found in heavy volumes, particularly around the stomach and the intestines. People who suffer from recurring yeast infections may also be vulnerable to other diseases such as rheumatoid arthritis, frequent migraines and irritable bowel syndrome.

If you have recurring yeast infections you would need to shift to a yeast free diet in order to stop the recurrence of the infection and to improve your health in many ways. A candida diet eliminates all foods that can encourage the growth of the fungi. Foods which already contain yeast such as breads, baked products and other processed foods with high sugar content should be avoided for a minimum of three to six weeks.

A yeast free diet free from dairy products which contain molds like some types of cheese, and other fermented foods should be avoided. Alcoholic substances that are made from brewer’s yeast as well as other products that are high in starch would convert to sugars once inside the body, and therefore, should be avoided, as well.

It may be quite frustrating to avoid the foods that you like best when going through a candida diet. However, if you seriously want to stop the recurrence of yeast infections, you should stay away from processed foods, and make natural, healthy choices.

You could choose to take in plenty of fruits (avoid those with high sugar content) and vegetables. Protein rich foods such as chicken and meat, fish and eggs can be good substitutes to the carbohydrate rich foods that you often crave. Try buying breads made of whole grains which can also provide the fiber your body needs.

Those who have followed this yeast free diet have often reported an increase in energy and diminished symptoms of yeast infections. A good exercise routine should complement this diet, in order to strengthen the body’s immune system.

The overgrowth of the candida fungi can be hindered by beneficial bacteria, called probiotics that are also naturally occurring inside the body. There should be a healthy balance between candida and the probiotics in order to stop recurring yeast infection. Some people who suffer from candida yeast infection can also benefit from taking regular probiotics pills to supplement their candida diet.

Being in control of your health is the best thing you can do for yourself. Enjoy a life free from recurring yeast infections by making the necessary changes in your diet, including exercises in your daily routine and taking in probiotic supplements.


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