Certain Facts About Diabetes

Diabetes is one of the most common diseases that most of us will experience later in life or sometimes even earlier. Without getting too clinical since it would be a confusion information overload for some. There are two types of diabetes: the Type 1 usually starts during childhood and the incidence of this type is apparently steady. On the other hand, Type 2 Diabetes is related with the inability to respond to insulin along with reduced capability to produce insulin in itself. Whether you’re on the first or the latter isn’t going to make things any better because once you have it, you’ll have to deal with it permanently and try your best to stabilize your glucose levels to avoid the unwanted side-effects.

Just so you know, diabetes can’t be acquired by just eating sweets. There are a number of foods that we eat which converts into glucose such as rice and starchy food. Not only that, it is said that some proteins can be converted as well, so you might have to consider watching your food intake from now on. I know a lot of young people with diabetes and living life in denial and eat sweets like there’s no tomorrow. It is indeed understandable why most youngsters cope that way since it was assumed that diabetes would later appear later in life. Needless to say, the incidence of teens acquiring this is on the rise.

The cause of diabetes can vary from acquired to genetic factor. A person can acquire the disease depending on familial tendency. A higher incidence will occur to children if the mother has diabetes when she gave birth; that’s 50% chance of getting the disease. If one is not too keen with his or her diet this will even more increase if there is family history on the father’s side as well.
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In supermarket’s today, we are easily fooled by what we see on nutrition facts. A label of sugar-free or no sugar added doesn’t guarantee us a free ticket to indulgence. There could be hidden sugar substitutes that can be harmful as well. We have to be very careful with what we buy and most of all what we feed our children. It is important that we inculcate and instill proper and healthy food choices to avoid getting Diabetes. We also have to be informed and keep abreast of the latest updates on diabetes most especially if one is likely to be predisposed.


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