Causes and Treatment for Neuropathy

Nerve damage happens in a variety of ways and is considered a disease or inflammation that damages the peripheral nerve cells, which connect to the brain or spinal cord. Damage resulting in Neuropathy can happen by:

  • Trauma to certain area of your body where nerves cells have been damaged or pinched can cause excruciating pain leaving the injured area with numbness, tingling or burning sensations.
  • Systemic diseases are disorders that affect a person’s whole body and can cause peripheral neuropathy. People suffering from diabetes may fall into this category.
  • Infections and autoimmune diseases can render a person with nerve damage as a result of the bacteria attack the nerve tissue.
  • Inherited forms of peripheral neuropathy might be imbedded in a person genetics and begin to manifest itself in their early adult years.
  • Neuropathy and the effect on your life

    With any illness a person experiences some limitations and set back to their normal daily routine. Imagine having an almost crippling limitation such as diabetic neuropathy that creates a burning feeling in their feet, hands and legs making it nearly impossible to carry on with normal day to day activities. Neuropathy in feet can cause intense pin and needle like pricking feelings in their foot as well as loss of feeling and sensations. This can be a very frightening thing for a person whose job requires them to be on their feet for long periods of time.

    Neuropathy treatment can be sought through medications found in your personal physician’s office; however medication can have side effects and produce only short term relief. Your life has been stilted enough due to your neuropathy why allow your medication to hinder you from fully experiencing a pain free life? You do have other options.

    Treatment Option

    After years of living with almost unbearable pain the idea of finding pain relief seems impossible. Maybe you have tried numerous medications over the last couple of months or years and you are beginning to lose heart. There is hope for you and there is a neuropathy treatment available that will help lesson if not relieve the tingling in your feet and possibly restore feeling to your numb feet. The key is to find good nerve support formula with the right levels of clinically proven nutrients.

    Look for a product that is manufactured in an F.D.A approved facility and contains vitamins such as B1 and B12 that work alongside the Alpha Lipoic Acid to drastically reduce and possibly even eliminate the tingling and numbness caused by nerve damage. Doctors all over the world are starting to notice the improvements that a proper neuropathy support formula is making in their patients. You no longer have to sit on the sidelines watching others enjoy life, kick off your shoes and join in on the fun.


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