Ringworm Disease In Children

It is very common to find people facing infectious diseases. With medicinal development, curing a disease has been made easy and accessible. Today, it is very easy to find podiatry or foot surgery specialists if you have different foot ailments or ankle problems. However, even though medical advancement is making it easy to cure diseases, there is not much difference seen in the occurrence of the diseases. One such example is of ringworm. Even though doctors emphasize on keeping good hygiene, many children are observed to catch this infection.

The symptoms of ringworm may differ according to the areas of infection. Ringworm on the scalp would start with a small pimple that will grow big with the passage of time. As it becomes larger, it leaves behind hairless patches and makes the hair brittle which eventually breaks off. Yellow crusty patches might also be visible. As for the ringworm on the body, a round and itchy patch may develop on the body other than the head and feet. A ring might also show up and it may clear away hair growth from the area.

Anyone and everyone can be affected by ringworm. However, increasing numbers of children are exhibiting the disease. The main cause of the disease is poor hygiene and contact with any other infected person or animal. Considering the fact that children tend to have much contact with other children at school, this infection may rise. Similarly, children may use different common items at school such as telephones, gym mats, or shower stalls that can lead to infection.

Treatment of ringworm mainly comprises of anti-fungal creams and anti-allergens. However, you must never think about self medication. Consult a doctor and follow his advice. It is better that you rush to the doctor the moment you see the initial signs because it is can get much worse if it is not treated in a timely manner. Do not take the infection lightly and consult a physician. If your child has ringworm, there are a few things you need to be careful about:

• Take the child for regular check ups. The doctor might prescribe the medicine for up to 4 weeks. Make sure you are careful about the daily dosage.

• Over-the-counter creams are ideal for scalp ringworm. Apply them on the infected area and wash your hands.

• Ask your doctor about a shampoo that will be least irritating to children’s skin. Use this shampoo on the child’s hair at least twice or thrice a week. You might also consider using the over-the-counter creams with the shampoo.

• Inform the school teachers of the infection.

• Keep pets away from the child.

• Make sure you regularly clean the common-use items in your house.

• Keep the combs, brushes, hats, caps, hair bows, and clips separate for each member of your family.

• Tell your child to wash his/her hands when he/she combs their hair.

The easiest way to cure any disease is to prevent it. Most fungal infections can be prevented if you emphasize on good personal hygiene. Keep up a good hygiene and maintain a healthy lifestyle.


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