Gonorrhea Can Kill

When someone is lying down with his or her sexual partner, contraception or safe sex is probably the furthest thing from a person’s mind. Even in the heat of the moment, if a guy or girl is with someone he or she barely knows, or with a complete stranger even, safe sex is an absolute must. Some people will not understand this until it is too late and they have already contracted a sexually transmitted disease. Bacterial infections like gonorrhea, syphilis or others, and viral infections like herpes or HIV/AIDS can all be passed from one person to another through sexual activity.

Because most people believe they will never contract a STD, or that only homosexuals can get aids, there are important facts which must be shared here. Sex is not the only way to exchange bodily fluids, thus it is not the only way to contract a sexually transmitted disease. Sharing needles with an infected person is a sure way to get any disease he or she may be carrying. People should not be shooting up heroin or other drugs anyhow, but if they’re going to, sharing needles is absolutely something to avoid. Some diseases like hepatitis can be transferred through an innocent kiss, or by sharing another person’s food or drink. Since there are so many ways to contract a disease, it is important for everyone to be wary about with whom they share food, drink or drugs.

A reader might be wondering how to avoid contracting gonorrhea or a number of other sexually transmitted diseases. Abstinence always works, but sooner or later, even the most chaste person will want a child. Practice safe sex every time to reduce chances of catching a disease. Avoid sharing food or drink with strangers, and forget about intravenous drug use; you have nothing to gain and far too much to lose for that short term thrill. Although it is a less popular option, one could demand his or her sexual partner get tested prior to intercourse; volunteering to go along and get tested at the same time is a good faith gesture that will not go unnoticed in this situation. These are all good ways to keep oneself clean, as well as ensure future partners will not pay for one’s past mistakes.


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