Alarming Signs and Symptoms

All of us have experienced some form of illness whether be it a simple fever or some rare disease. Most of us would rather rest the entire day when we have a simple fever or some mild form of infection. But, what you might think is a simple symptom is in fact a symptom of another more serious disease. These are the symptoms that you should watch out for.

In any given month, we all like to know how much we weigh. And so, if you recently found out that you have lost a lot of weight in a month, you might want to hold off the possibility of a celebration. There are instances that a sudden drop of weight in a single month is a sign of some serious illness.

A fever can only last for a few days and rarely in any case should be consulted with a doctor. But, there are some forms of fever that need to be taken a good look by a medical professional. A low grade fever that runs for more than a week should be brought to the doctor.

We all tend to lose our breath when we run or we work out something heavy. And when this happens all of sudden without breaking a sweat, this might be a sign that you need to take a good look at your health especially your lungs.

Bowel movements are done to remove toxins from our body. When people start to feel that their bowel movements have changed especially with the appearance and the consistency of their stool, you might be in for some drastic changes in your health and you do not know it.

Headaches are annoying but they are easily treated with a simple pain medication. If one headache suddenly strikes without any cause and feels like the worst headache, it might be something that you should go to your doctor to talk about. Sudden onset of painful headaches not relieved by pain relievers often lead to cancer or aneurysm.

When you feel that when you eat you easily get full, you might have some problems with your stomach that needs attention. But the problem with this is that you might not feel that something is up until something is really up. People will not have any idea that something is going on inside you because your body is getting used to eating less by the time you experience vomiting.

For people of old age, they tend to have swollen and painful joints. But, if you are young and your joints are swollen red and warm, chances are you might have an infection that you need to check with your doctor.


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