Bladder Infection Treatment Depends on Severity

A bladder infection or urinary tract infection is a painful experience, especially if nothing is done about it. The symptoms can be hard to live with, as the infection can appear in the urethra and bladder. At this point, it only becomes a source of annoyance and is painful, but if nothing is done, it will worsen and will follow the urinary tract until it reaches the kidneys. This is why it’s best to find a bladder infection treatment before the pain worsens.

How Does It Happen?

A urinary tract infection tends to appear in women more often than men. The reason this takes place is because of the short distance between the anus and urethra. Plus, the bladder and urethral opening is very close together in females. This means bacteria can easily be transferred and cause irritation. If nothing is done about it, it quickly spreads and turns into an infection. Usually, the urethra and bladder are the areas that become affected.

Bladder Infection Treatment With the Help of Antibiotics

Many people normally treat a bladder infection with the help of antibiotics. The kind of drug and amount of time you’ll be on it depends on the type of bacteria causing the infection and your overall health condition.

Most doctors prescribe one of the following antibiotics:

• Sulfamethoxazole-trimethoprim
• Nitrofurantoin
• Amoxicillin
• Ampicillin
• Levofloxacin
• Ciprofloxacin
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The majority of people who start treatment recover from the symptoms in just a few days. If someone experiences frequent infections, a longer dose of antibiotics will be given. A severe infection might require a hospital stay.

Bladder Infection Treatment Without Any Antibiotics

When dealing with a urinary tract infection, there are times when you can take care of it at home. However, it will depend on the infection’s severity. You can find over-the-counter medications to help with pain urinating. Some home remedies work when dealing with mild symptoms or to prevent a UTI from occurring.

Home remedies include drinking cranberry juice, apple cider vinegar, vitamin C, and lots of water. Certain supplements such as Flotrol Bladder Support can help.

Preventing UTIs

It helps to wear loose cotton clothing because this prevents a warm, moist environment from developing. It also encourages air circulation. Bacteria like to reside in moist areas, so make sure to take appropriate action to prevent that environment in your body. It’s important that you don’t resist the urge to urinate, because this also encourages bacteria growth and can aggravate symptoms.


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