Defeating Cancer and Heart Disease BEFORE They Strike

One of the wisest men in American history was Benjamin Franklin. One of his famous sayings is “an ounce of prevention is worth a pound of cure.” As wise as that statement was, it is in this day and age an understatement.

The two leading causes of premature adult death in America are indeed heart disease and cancer. And yet, heart disease and most cancers are preventable. Knowing this, it seems unfathomable to think that most Americans do not take the steps necessary to prevent these two diseases in their own lives and in the lives of their families.

This is especially true when one considers that good old American enterprise and science has provided helps and means to assist people with achieving this prevention. There are simple steps anyone can take to significantly decrease their risks of heart disease and prevention. Let’s look at them.

The first thing everyone can do is to increase their soluble fiber intake. Both the American Cancer Society and the American Heart Association agree that Americans should be getting between 26 grams and 32 grams of soluble fiber per day in their diet. Studies have shown that people who achieve this significantly reduce their risks of heart disease and cancer (by over 50%!) And yet the average American only gets 12 to 15 grams in their diet.

Fiber is important in prevention of cancer as it sweeps toxins from the body that would potentially cause free radical absorption and damage that could eventually lead to cancer. Additionally, fiber keeps the colon and intestines clean and safe from cancer development. Eating fermented products such as yogurt, and protecting the digestive system by supplementing pro-biotics is also important.

It is interesting that fiber is also hugely important in prevention of heart disease. Fiber absorbs lipids and cholesterol produced by the liver, and again keeps it from absorbing into the blood. Healthy intake of fiber helps to control blood sugars, maintain healthy blood pressure, and naturally and significantly lowers cholesterol.

It is important for people to choose to eat foods high in soluble fiber. High fiber fruits and high fiber vegetables are a must to include in their diets. High fiber cereal is also easy to add to the diet. These are all foods that prevent cancer and heart disease. But it is also important for people to supplement by consuming soluble fiber bars and drinks that are available.

Another thing everyone can do is to give their bodies what they need to function and heal naturally through supplementation. Taking therapeutic doses of antioxidant vitamins, minerals, and taking targeted broad spectrum antioxidants is now possible to do. Cold water fish oil supplementation is huge in protecting the heart, and supporting brain function.

There is a lot of science behind these topics, and this article merely scratches the surface in discussing the wellness benefits. It is exciting to know that there are specific things that people can do to be proactive in protecting themselves from these killers! Heart disease articles, and those on prevention of heart disease and cancer can be helpful in discerning what can be done to prevent these diseases.


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