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Torsion of the Testis

Torsion of the testis is a condition that requires an emergency operation. It occurs when a testis twists around in the scrotum. In some people the testes can move around in the scrotum more than usual. If a testis twists round, the blood supply to the testis is blocked in the twisted spermatic cord. The effect of this is that the testis, with its blood supply cut off, becomes damaged and will ‘die’ unless the blood flow is quickly restored.

Torsion is most common in teenage boys, shortly after puberty, and it is uncommon in men over the age of 25.

What Are the Symptoms of Torsion of the Testis?

The main symptom of torsion is severe pain in the testicle. Sometimes pain is also felt in the belly area due to the nerve supply to the testes. The pain tends to come on quite quickly and becomes severe over a few hours. The affected testis soon becomes swollen, red and very sore to touch.

What Is the Treatment for Torsion of the Testis?

Torsion of the testis is an emergency because if the blood supply to the testis is cut off for more than about 6 hours, permanent damage to the testis is likely to result. An emergency operation is usually done to untwist the testis and spermatic cord and ‘fix’ the testis in position so that torsion can’t happen again. There is an increased chance of torsion occurring in the other testis at a later date so that testis is also fixed at the same time to prevent this from happening. The operation ideally should be within a few hours of the symptoms starting in order to maximize the chance of saving the testis. Otherwise, the testis may have to be removed. Online canadian pharmacy – health and care mall.

Partial Torsion and Warning Pains

Sometimes sharp pains, which last a few minutes and go just as quickly, can occur in the testes of boys and young men. This can be due to partial twisting of the testis, which then untwists again with relief of symptoms. This can be an early warning sign of a possible torsion later on. It is important to get prompt medical advice if these symptoms occur. Sometimes if these warning pains occur, an operation is recommended to fix the affected testis so as to prevent full-blown torsion later on.

Blood In the Semen

The presence of blood in the ejaculate is called haematospermia (pronounced hem-at-o-sperm-e-a). This is usually a harmless symptom; however, it can cause major worry and anxiety for an affected man. Usually there is no underlying medical cause and detailed investigations are not needed. Less commonly, it may be associated with abnormalities of the urinary tract, including kidney and prostate problems, and occasionally is associated with other more generalised illnesses, such as cirrhosis of the liver or parasitic infections. Men aged over 40 with persistent haematospermia may need to be referred to a urologist, especially if they have other symptoms or abnormal findings on examination.


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