Bird Flu

The bird flu virus has now been considered a less lethal virus but a more dangerous one. You might say that I’m confusing you because these two words are somewhat alike.

In the world of virus, these two words are completely different especially in how they affect their victims.

A virus is lethal once it can kill the infected person immediately. However, when it is able to kill the infected person immediately, it can not spread it’s offspring to other people. It then becomes a very dormant virus, affecting only a few people.

A deadly virus on the other hand is one that can spread quickly and greatly affecting a number of the species affected. That is the case with the H5N1 bird flu virus. Its deadliness has been seen in the way it has affected the flocks of birds.

A flock of bird that has shown symptoms of the bird flu virus immediately dies within a day. That is what makes a virus deadly. A virus is considered deadly depending on the rate it can transfer itself to another medium. Then how many infected mediums it has affected is what makes viruses deadly.

The Spanish Flu is what many health officials are trying to avoid. It has been considered the deadliest flu of all time. The Spanish Flu virus may have only killed about 20 percent of its victim. But what made it extremely dangerous is the rate it had spread.

What Health officials and government officials are trying to do currently is help prevent a deadly pandemic. The Bird Flu could be the next deadliest thing that is staring us right in the eye. That’s why even though the threat is not yet one that has affected humans in such a big way, we should just be ready.

We should actually be thankful that the virus still hasn’t been into a pandemic. This is because the world is not yet ready for the bird flu virus hitting big time. There have been a few medical companies that are preparing to create vaccines.

However, these vaccines are still about two to three years away before getting ready to be distributed in mass numbers. The maximum production level of one company is to be able produce only 250 million vaccines that are about 5 million a day only. That number may seem big, but in reality it’s just enough to supply 11 percent of the whole United States population.

The best thing we can do so far to prevent getting into a deadly scuffle with the H5N1 strain is to be very careful. Take every measure there is out there that can help us avoid the possible future of the H5N1 strain becoming deadlier.


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