Cancer & Heart Disease

What is the connection between cancer and heart disease?

Besides being two of the most deadly diseases in America, claiming over 1 million lives each year, is there a causal connection between the two?

The answer is an astounding “Yes!”

Both cancer and heart disease result from a breakdown in the immune system, and both have viral infections related to each disease.

Without the normal protections of the immune system, cancer and heart disease slowly, stealthily and surely eat away at your health, over the course of many years, until they finally spring the trap that comes as such an unpleasant surprise to so many hapless, heedless sufferers.

Going back to the source of these twin troubles is impossible, for most researchers, simply because they automatically dismiss from their consideration the very thing which creates these, and so many other modern illness plagues today.

Everyone knows that good dietary nutrition is the source of a healthy, functioning immune system.

Few know exactly what good dietary nutrition is, on the other hand.

Most assume that if they follow some government-promulgated “food pyramid,” or similar advice, that’s all they need to know or do to maintain optimal health.

Nothing could be further from the truth…


Because nothing in the designations of food types and groupings addresses the primary issue of quality.

When it comes to diet, sufficient quantity of each food group is assumed to be all that’s required to maintain good health.

So the store shelves are lined with plenty of choices presumed to be nutritious and healthy — merely because: “So many others select and eat plenty of them, so why shouldn’t I?”

Well, if you don’t mind getting the same results everyone else is getting, go ahead and indulge yourself, with unthinking abandon, in all the glut of manufactured “foods” and “drinks” presently marketed (most of which didn’t even exist ten, twenty or thirty years ago).

Some few have even been around for the better part of a century — none of which means they are actually good for you — which is certainly no indication of their real value or worth.

In fact, modern fatal diseases have grown and exploded onto the scene at the same rate such packaged, adulterated, “enriched” and processed “foods” have been made and promoted to a gullible, easily sold public.

Your great-grandparents would never choose to eat such things as are commonly ingested today (then again, we didn’t get where we are today based on any common sense handed down from prior generations, so perhaps they would).

They had their own demons to conquer, like a general lack of cleanliness and personal hygiene, blood-letting, and the like (oh wait, regular blood-letting is still practiced, only today it’s called “samples” to run tests upon, giving results which tell us nothing about the causes or possible real cures for what ails us).

A world full of modern conveniences isn’t necessarily a healthier world.

The growing number of deaths from virulent diseases tells us this much.

If your desire is to escape such dire results as these, perhaps you should start looking into what most don’t care to know, that reveals the actual root cause behind all this suffering, anguish and waste of lives.

Just as negative thoughts can poison your attitudes and actions, even more so do junk “foods” trash your immune system.

And here’s a real eye-opener: What most consider “good food” is really nothing less than disguised junk in pretty packages.

Given a choice between these and natural alternatives, not even vermin would choose to eat the way most people do today.

Those that consume the same “foods” most believe are “healthy” or “nourishing” today, usually wind up suffering from many of the very same diseases, birth defects and even infertility rates as their human counterparts.

Any way you slice it, the “staff of life” is no more, replaced by the double-edged, white as cancer, sword of death loaf of diseased, manufactured junk posing as “good food.”

Overfed and malnourished is America’s self-imposed curse, where adulterants of every kind and description pervade what’s left of once-organic — but now mostly lifeless — grocery store offerings in alluring packages, replete with bold but deceptive promises, misdirecting and confusing “facts” and worthless claims, flashing misleading titles and names.

Not a very healthy foundation upon which to build our national or personal posterity.

So long as this Madison Avenue-inspired lunatic mindset prevails, the twin evils of cancer and heart disease will continue wreaking vengeance upon an unwary populace.


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