Living with Diabetes on a Daily Basis

Diabetes is my new hobby

I did not intend for that to be the case, but here I am, faced with this condition for the rest of my life.

The bad news is that I have no choice in the fact.

The good news is that this condition is at least treatable so that the ultimate impact can be managed.

Between the advice of your physician and some modification in lifestyle, you can continue to enjoy a full life of fun and activity without sacrificing flavor or focus.

It is an adjustment not to be minimized, but it is far from the end of pleasure. For instance why allow your taste buds to suffer when there are clear alternatives for maintaining your health. Good food need not be your enemy. Medical professionals are quick to tell to what you cannot eat, but not so quick to tell you what you might enjoy instead.

There are alternatives! Many cookbooks and recipes exist to assist you in finding flavor and adventure. Weeding through to find the best of them is challenging but ultimately worth it. Don’t be discouraged by discovering the same old things over and over again. Redundancy is just a fact of life, and the number of diabetics is rapidly increasing.

Read labels when you shop. The big enemy is processed sugar. You’ll need to what for other items too, like sodium and carbohydrates. Sugar is what we need to control first simply because our bodies cannot process sugar properly. If sugar is essentially removed from our diets, blood sugar becomes easier to manage.

You need to take of your feet, no question, especially if you want to keep them! Poor circulation resultant from Diabetes can lead to amputation, or blindness, or heart disease, etc. Foot massage is one super technique that can help alleviate discomfort and provide opportunities for regular examination. There are lots of ways to accomplish this, perhaps the best way being to exchange the favor with your life partner.

Exercise is an important function to improve circulation, reduce extra fat, and help you feel better. It’s never too late to start, and it’s certainly never too early either. There is guidance for easy exercise. You need not rely on expensive gym memberships.

Of course the marketplace is full of products aimed at Diabetics. Some help, and, also of course, some do not. I am very skeptical about claims that a product or regimen will reverse or eliminate this condition. Skepticism is healthy. Blind acceptance is not.


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