Four Kinds of Food Should Be Prevented to Avoid Heavy Metals

Nowadays, the danger caused by heavy metals has become more and more serious. Improper diet can supplement heavy metals for the human body, which can induce various diseases. For example, mercury can hurt the human brain, nerve and eyesight. Lead can directly hurt the brain cells and the nervous system inside the human body to destroy the intelligence. Four kinds of food in our daily life contain excessive heavy metals. In order to reduce the danger, people should avoid these foods in everyday life.

Marine products and seafood have already become settlements of mercury and arsenic. Several kinds of fish like hairtail and yellow croaker are reproduced offshore contain higher content of heavy metals. Therefore, people should decrease the intake of such fish. It is beneficial for people to eat the abyssal fish in ocean, such as sardine. Recently, the American experts have advised people to control the intake of fish within 100 grams each day. The parts like fish head and fin should be avoided.
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Animal liver can also store a large number of heavy metals. According to the research, the content of cadmium contained in animal liver is 100 times higher than the national standard. Therefore, people should not eat animal liver excessively. The intake amount should be less than 50 grams every day.

Preserved eggs have been polluted by lead. In order to reduce the harm, preserved eggs without lead have been developed on the market. When people are eating preserved eggs, they can dip the eggs in vinegar so as to decrease the hurt caused by toxic substances.

The beverage in pop cans contains a large amount of aluminum. The content of aluminum contained in beverage in pop cans is 3 to 6 times higher than that in beverage in bottles. Therefore, it is necessary for people to decrease the beverage in pop cans in our daily life.

These four kinds of food mentioned above can seriously endanger the physical health of the human body. People should avoid such foods so as to refuse heavy metals. At the same time, people should increase the intake of the foods which can remove toxins from the human body, such as nut and vegetables. Vegetables and fruits containing abundant vitamin C can remove heavy metals from the human body. Oat and celery containing dietary fibers can decrease the absorption rate of heavy metals so as to alleviate the danger.


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