Tips in Keeping Your Heart Healthy

People nowadays are more prone to illness. It may be due to the type of food we consumed or the lack of physical activity such as exercise. Without the proper diet and exercise, we are more susceptible to these ailments. One of the most deadly is heart disease. It is a known cause of death for both men and women.

We all know the importance of the heart. Pumping of blood vessels which carries oxygen throughout the body would not be possible without this organ. Although some are born with heart ailments most people develop this through lifetime. The best solution to avoid this disease is to take precautions or prevention steps. The risk of having it would be reduce if we develop self-discipline. It is good to follow a healthy lifestyle to prevent the development of this disease.

Here are good ways to maintain a heart friendly lifestyle. This could help you avoid future heart ailments that could incapacitate your life.

We are all guilty of pampering ourselves with vices and foods that are harmful to the heart but it’s never too late to follow this guidelines:

Engage in Exercise: This activity reduces the risk of developing heart diseases. It keeps your weight in check and keeps your heart pumping efficiently. Conditions that put a strain in the heart such as high cholesterol, diabetes, stress and high blood pressure would be lessened. Even simple physical activities such as doing household chores, climbing the stairs and walking could benefit the heart. Avoid being a couch potato. Devote a little time to exercise and consider your health. This would not only benefit you but your love ones too.

Develop a Healthy Diet: Incorporating exercise plus a healthy diet would make your heart healthy lifestyle more effective. Eating low-fat, low-cholesterol and less salt would be best for your heart. Eat more vegetables, fruits, grains, and low-fat milks. It is not a sin to pamper yourself, but developing self-control in eating foods with Trans-fat and saturated fats could help minimize coronary diseases. Hearth healthy diet is a matter of having a self-discipline on food. Fish is one good source of Omega 3 that is good for the heart. Minimizing alcohol intake would also help. Be an occasional drinker.

Avoid Smoking:Cigarette smoking is dangerous to your health.” That’s one famous quote that is commonly found on ads and cigarette packs. Tobacco contains a lot of chemicals that could harm your blood vessels and heart. The nicotine content that you could intake during smoking narrows blood vessels thus increases heart rate and blood pressure. Constant intake of nicotine could be devastating not only to the heart but to other organs as well. The risk factor of developing a heart disease is significantly high when you are a smoker. When you quit smoking you could lessen the risk and could give you a clean normal living.

Regular Check ups: See your nearest physician and monitor your blood pressure and cholesterol levels. This keeps you inform and would be more aware of your heart condition. This would be beneficial to know the areas that you need to concentrate to avoid diseases.


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