Wheat Free Vegan Diets

In order to understand what wheat free vegan diets are, for those who are unaware, and may have always wondered, it is important to know what Vegan is. In many cases it is much more that just being vegetarian, it is a strict lifestyle choice. Vegetarians don’t eat poultry, meat, or fish, and in addition to this, Vegans also do not use any products or by-products made from animals. This includes diary products like cheese, and milk, nor do the eat eggs or even honey. They also don’t wear thing fur, silk, or leather, use makeup or soaps made from or tested on animals.
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Rather than get into the whole belief system behind the Vegan lifestyle, this is more about wheat free Vegan diets. Vegans believe that variety is the key to a good nutritious diet. Their diet contains a wide variety of different fruits, leafy green vegetables, whole grains, legumes, seeds and nuts. Even those with wheat allergies, or Celiac disease can find an abundance of different products that don’t contain these. Rice, Buckwheat, corn, and all kinds of corn related products are all perfectly fine. Most vegans also have a strict raw food diet, and this is easily accomplished, especially for those that can’t eat certain foods, because most raw foods don’t contain any allergenic products in the first place.

There are many different wheat free vegan diets, as well as cookbooks for people with the vegan lifestyle.

Once you start to think like differently about the foods you eat, your mind can substitute and translate flour and gluten foods into ones that are gluten or wheat free. For example, if you see a recipe that calls for a flour tortilla, you can automatically change flour to corn in your mind. You can substitute many different things in your diet this way. You can make cornbread, by replacing flour with ground and dried quinoa, for an example if you need to.

Thankfully, many manufacturers and grocery stores are starting to understand the importance of a wheat free vegan diets, and many have adopted labeling that clearly identifies whether a product has any wheat or gluten. There are many different desserts, cookies and snack foods that are totally wheat free, and don’t taste like cardboard. You can find many different kinds of pastas that are made from vegetables like yellow squash, zucchini, and even spinach.

There are also an abundance of different websites to help you find wheat free vegan diets, as well as books on preparing vegan meals. You can have food allergens, or has Celiac Disease, and still have a vegan lifestyle, you just have to be a little more careful when picking the foods you eat.


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