The Benefits of Lumineers

Of all the cosmetic dentistry options available, none can match the surging popularity of Lumineers. And it’s easy to see why: Improving smiles is atop the “to-do” list for many people, yet getting veneers – the precursor to Lumineers – was a painful, extensive and expensive process. But Lumineers accomplish the goal of an improved smile in far less painful, faster and less expensive fashion. Here are a few of the benefits of Lumineers and why this procedure is the best one for those working on improving their smiles with cosmetic dentistry! cialis black

Like veneers, those who want to get Lumineers have to visit the dentist for an initial consultation in which an impression is made and sent to a laboratory. Unlike veneers patients, Lumineers patients arrive at the dentist for a second visit ready to have the mold painlessly placed on the teeth. There is some etching involved as the teeth are prepared for the Lumineers, but that’s all. As opposed to, say… veneers, the implementation of which required local anesthesia to numb the gums and dull the pain of scraping the teeth – with, ouch, a drill – to make room for the veneers.

And the worst part: The process isn’t over yet. As opposed, to, say… Lumineers (you probably saw where we were going with that one)! The second visit to the dentist is the last one for a Lumineers patient. He or she will exit the chair happy, in no pain and sporting a brand-new smile that has been made specifically for his or her mouth. Lumineers are bonded to the teeth and placed with a curing light. No pain and all gain!

Veneers patients, meanwhile, go through the ordeal of having their teeth scraped and then have to come back for another visit in which the veneers are placed on their teeth. Therein lies another disadvantage to traditional veneers vs. Lumineers: Veneers are an approximation, not the exact thing. Yet if the fit isn’t perfect, the patient is stuck with it, because the existing teeth have already been irreparably compromised. Imagine all that pain and discomfort – not to mention the extra visit to the dentist – for nothing.

Meanwhile, Lumineers patients have a natural-looking and permanent solution that is, well, permanent. Lumineers last at least 20 years, meaning you’ll have the smile you’ve wanted for a long time FOR a long time!

Another advantage of Lumineers that lifts the procedure above the crowd of other cosmetic dentistry options: The technology is getting better, which means an already outstanding procedure will only improve in coming years. Some dentists offer Lumitray Technology, in which dentists can design and preview Lumineers digitally. That of course cuts down on the amount of time a patient has to spend in the dentist’s chair.

Who knows? Down the road Lumineers patients may only have to make ONE trip to the dentist! But the present option is ideal for those pondering Lumineers as a solution to their cosmetic dentistry needs. Improving smiles to give you the one you’ve always wanted is a painless and invigorating prospect with Lumineers. Discuss the procedure with your dentist today!


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