Lower Your Cholesterol Levels Without Taking Drugs

Lowering Cholesterol With Drugs

There is a growing trend these days to treat patients who have high cholesterol levels with medication and drugs from the outset of their diagnosis. What should be looked at first though is how to lower cholesterol without drugs!

Statin drugs are an easy answer for the medical profession as they undoubtedly work. However, such pharmaceutical answers to the problem are becoming increasingly controversial as there are often a number of (sometimes serious) side effects caused by the drugs that should not be ignored. Statin drugs work by reducing the amount of cholesterol that is produced by the liver and at the same time reduces absorption of cholesterol into the bloodstream. But, these drugs also have wide ranging harmful effects on the body such as muscular breakdown, liver damage, reduction of CoQ10 enzyme necessary for keeping the heart in a healthy condition, as well as other medical complications. This is surely not what you wish to achieve when attempting to lower cholesterol levels to reduce your likelihood of heart disease.

Lowering cholesterol naturally, without medication, eliminated the above side effects and has the added benefits of; targeting the “Bad” LDL cholesterol, raising the levels of “Good” HDL cholesterol, reducing triglyceride fats and providing an overall wide reaching healthier approach to diet and lifestyle.

Lowering Cholesterol Without Drugs

The place to start is with diet and exercise:

1. Avoiding as many kinds of fats as possible.

2. Substituting low cholesterol foods for those normally in your diet.

3. Boost your efforts with the addition of natural supplements.

  • Omega3 fatty acids – from fish such as mackerel and salmon or fish oil capsules.
  • Ginger – Good for reducing LDL, improving blood flow and lowering blood pressure.
  • Turmeric – Lowers cholesterol and can improve blood flow.
  • Policosanol – sourced from sugar cane extracts, good at lowering LDL cholesterol and increasing HDL (good) cholesterol.
  • Polyniconate – effective in reducing fat build up and LDL.
  • B3 Vitamin (Niacin) – a good remedy.

4. Exercise sensibly and regularly in order to burn off the fats and cholesterol.Bear in mind that some eighty percent of your cholesterol is internally produced through your liver, while your food intake accounts for roughly 20 percent.

If you have been diagnosed with higher than normal cholesterol but no other specific allied problems or high levels of heart disease you can probably embark upon lowering your cholesterol without drugs using the methods above. If however you have progressed heart disease or other acute cholesterol related problems it may be the case that you can reduce the amount of your prescribed medication.

As a matter of safety always consult a doctor or medical practitioner before stopping or reducing any medications that have been prescribed for you by your doctor.


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